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He underwent surgery and he underwent surgery


Mubaris Jafarov, who lived in Baku, was admitted to hospital three months ago. Jafforov complained with mental illness, and made different diagnoses on every doctor he visited in the country.

According to the DHA At the end of the detailed inquiry, Jaffer's & # 39; Billiard Tumor & # 39; Was diagnosed. Operation was very dangerous. Mubaris Jafferov had come to the Memorandum Antralya Hospital. Mafrizis came to Germany under the direction of a relative who is under treatment in Antalya before doctors said she had nothing to do with Basu.

Head of Oncology Center Dr. Mustafa Ozdoğan and General Surgery Division decided to introduce Jafforov Alin Gurkan, who underwent a surgery. Though it was necessary, there was no risk of living. With the surgery done by Professor Dr Tumor, Gurkhans removed Jeffrey's health and recovered his health.

Make Vessa and Success

Mubaris Jaffarov will return to his country with new expectations for the future, he said. Jepharov said, "Everything was here, I could not bear the drugs of the drug after my surgery, my eyes closed, but I could hear the sound." I still know if my country, my family, and my loved ones will start to return It's a lie. "

Brother can

Mrs. Mubaris Jaffarov's brother Paris Jafroev explained the process of his life: This activity was very dangerous for us, doctors did not want to do that and we sent them to our hospital with our intensive care.

An unusual justification strategy has been revealed

Mubaris Jaffar's & # 39; & gt; & # 39; & # 39; Is called. The liver, which is described in the liver, is located on the liver on both sides of the liver. Alone Gurgaon said that the operation will be successful. Professor Dr. gurkan said: "These cells are often diagnosed stage will disappear, because the veins are spreading scrutiny, they pravarttanarahitamayirunnilla reaganirnayattinre stage. The patient resulted in another variant of the liver 10-15% of the variation in the liver. It is the patient's frontier. So we can save, and that the other Patra intramarginal_nerve You can also change the tumor is cut from the wall of the compound. We had a tumor of the project.

The main gates of the day

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