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İlker Başbuğ: Why is imam hippler emerging, what is the need for this increase? – Agenda


Former Chief of General Staff İlker Başbuğ, In recent years, where the Imam Hepp schools have grown up, what are the reasons for improving the number of Imam Hafita High Schools? What was the need for this increase? He asked. Basub, the founder and founder of the Turkish Republic See Mustafa's full profileIimin arrives at the level of contemporary civilization and can achieve only by attaining guidance and guidance in richer education and training.

Uluber Bülbug wrote in the Republic today:

If Mustafa Kamal Atharakkar was alive today, his first job would be to educate and educate the curriculum and to ensure that the textbooks are beyond the rhetoric of rhetoric and science and identify them.

41-year-old Mustafa Kemal asked the same question. In 1922 he wrote Notepad Sev. The lines written by him are as follows.
"Today Turkey is not going to establish the foundations of the state. It was established thousands of years ago. However, the social needs of our society, to meet the needs of the urban society, the atittarakalil Reconstructed the most appropriate way, revival, resurrection and civilized building styles, colors, and Restore, school, Zama Pattikasastram, Art, seaning

Mustafa Kamal portrays the new rule in four columns. The first column is school, education and training.

Education should be National Education Eğitim

On September 22, 1924, Sansanne gave a speech to his teachers and expressed his views on education. His speech was important:
Education is a nation, free, great nation, a nation or a nation, slavery and poverty.
After the parents lazy, the school's first inspiration for education from the teacher's language, conscience and discipline.
Education should be "national education". The goal of education should be national.
All the things in the world are the most appropriate guide to life, life, and success.
Mutaffa Kamal is believed to be one of the most important issues in the future of a country.
According to Mustafa Kamal, education should have national goals. These objectives are similar to NotepadBook:
• respect for humanity,
• Love for our country and country,
Commitment to respect for freedom and independence,
• Teach the necessary means of liberation when freedom is in danger.
For Mustafa Kamal based on education, based on science, science and logic.
Issues have been making debate over issues for years; This is because religion is based on logic and science.
When the Islamic world of Abbasiya was raised, the western world was ignorance and blind.
Sultan Mehmet was a madrassa taught in science during the period of the war in the Ottoman Empire. Sultan Sulaiman was dismissed as a surprise.
What is the reason for the collapse of madrasa education?

Intellectual science

The reason for the collapse in the 17th century was the decline of Madrasas.
M The decline in madrasses is that the science of mental and constructive science will be eliminated from education. "
Ahmad Senadekh Pasha was a biographer of the 19th century. In view of the loss of justice in the madrassas test, the position was given priority, and merit was ignored as the main cause of collapse in the madrassas.
In the Ottoman Empire; The so-called sorumluluk ilmiye inin class, which is responsible for religious matters, judiciary and education practices, is so distorted.
As a result, for example, the musician built the Kasacher.
It is interesting to see Islamic thinkers looking intellect and botany: 2
Kindi (v.872) separates knowledge into religious and philosophical.
Farabi (870-950) is divided into five disciplines: Science, Language, Logic, Positive Science, Nature, Theology, and Mathematics.
Ibn-e Sina (v.1037) separates knowledge into two, and this principle acts as a separate science.
Ibn Khaldun (v.1406), sequestrated Pasha, under the influence of Citadel Pasha, has been split into two parts:
Conversational sciences: Şer görüşi and Arabi are the sciences, and it is based on a personal opinion from the speaker.
The intellectual sciences: The issue of human mind and issues are revealed.
As you see; Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's view must be based on education for mind and science; Kindi, Farabi, Avicenna, Ibn Khaldun, A. Zedude Pasha, the great Islamic thinkers of science and science do not differ.
If Mustafa Kamal Atharakkar was alive today, his first job would be to identify and ensure subjects outside of rhetoric, education, training curriculum and textbooks.
Or; The 17th century Feroke Clarke Chalabi has been recognized in the way of education breakdown, and this may lead to an increase in the acceleration of processes leading to the decline in Turkish education in the 21st century.
Since 2012, education and training in Turkey has been seriously reducing in OECD report shows.

Our ranking in education

Reading, understanding, Mathematics, Science 52, and 49 of the 72 countries in Turkey.
Pre-school education has an important role in education and training. In this training, the children work together and get tolerant qualities, including children aged 6 years. UNICEF reports show that every $ 1 invested in this education is 10 dollars for the economy. But unfortunately, Turkish pre-school education is about 15 per cent of children, and this ratio is 90 per cent in European countries.
The second. During the Mahmud era, they took serious steps in education. Schools such as Tire and Harby opened up with madrassas. The first steps were taken in the separation of religion and government. In the end, two different cultures, two different persona, started two different people who represent training.

Increase in imame heapler

The Theratch-E, issued in the Republic of India in 1924, attempted to prevent the provincial legislation.
In recent years there has been a substantial increase in the number of Imam Heap high schools. In 2006, it increased from 455 to 1452.
In the Budget 2019, the budget of the Ministry of Education concludes 8 billion 679 million lari (the number of Imam Hepp High Schools). Science does not find high schools in addition to 10 science high schools.
First of all, it's useful to remember it. Of course, Imam Hafeet high schools are required.
Otherwise, it is difficult to explain why Imam Heppe school started in 1924 during Mustafa Kamal's reign.
But the questions to ask here are:
What are the reasons for increasing the number of Imam Heap high schools? What is the need for this increase?
If the number of Imam Hatem high schools increases; The second. Is there two distinct cultures represented by different cultures in the days of Mahmud, and the harm caused by the problems created?
Turkey in the 21st century, Clark Chalabi in the 17th century, and the second in the 19th century. The country's biggest loss is repeated repeatedly in the early 20th century when Mahmud, Ahmat Sevdate Pasha and Mustafa Kemal Atharadk tried to solve the problems of education.
Limiting the level of contemporary civilization can only be achieved by the guidance of education and training, mind and science.

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