Thursday , February 25 2021

In the six weeks the gram gold is 11 percent

With the dollar becoming more than 6 weeks, the dollar's depreciation declined by 11% over the same period.

Gold price declined during the last six weeks. The negative trend indicates that the dollar / TL decrease on November 15. The lowest rate is between £ 14 and £ 207.2.

The gram gold price declined. In the week ended Friday, gold price declined by 210.1 pounds and Friday by 1.3%.

In the last six months, the price of gram declined by 11 per cent.

"Said Erwarn, a GCM Securities Research expert. The reason for the price hike is 200 liters.

This week, the dollar rate rose to £ 5.30 a barrel. By strengthening the negative aspect of gold gram gold, this trend will continue under the TL 214,50 Erkan, to continue with the trend of negative trend, with the terms back with support of 205.50 and 201.70 pounds. The withdrawal can be seen.

In this process, the grammar of gold tried to bring back to the old fashion trend, and in the case of the current fall, the last point of 223 must be permanent in Leera. 229 pounds up to £ 235, especially £ 240 in defense.


He said the rupee depreciated by 6 dollars and the price of gold bars was effective.

Mimis said: "The government measures $ 5.30 per month to $ 5.24 a dollar, and £ 207 a pound worth £ 1.196 a ounce gold.

Memis pointed out that 220 megawatts of 220 megawatts are continuous in the rural sector. "This level drops and we gradually decrease to 205, 202 and 190 pounds." Investors are not surprised by the fall in price of gold. The price of gold was inevitable by the generalization of economic and foreign policy. "Detected in evaluation.

Gram gold, after downtown, medium and long-term decline, will not be permanently remotely after the £ 200 pounds, and predicts that investors are less likely to bargain.

The gram must be broken at intervals of 220 and 240 minutes. We do not need to be surprised at the first quarter or second quarter of 2019. If the price of 290 grams is high, then 290 lbs can be seen. Do not remove the process for long to consider. "Used Expressions.

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