Monday , May 16 2022

In Turkey, 3 million people do not know that diabetes


He said at the "November 14 World Diabetes Day" program at the Benteent Us Children's Hospital where Oscars speaks of daily diabetes. The World Health Organization estimates that the number of people with diabetes registered by 400 million people in 2015 is likely to touch 600 million. We can not do that. "He said Oscar's health problems are rising every year due to malnutrition caused by diabetes mellitus.

"About 10 million Diabetes Diabetes Who We All Forgive"

In Turkey, ozone and diabetes emphasize the number of patients continued: "People say we have data from the Directorate of Health but about 10 million diabetes in Turkey They should know that there are 3 million diabetes and all the sugar again, our country, our children next 20 thousand .. Diabetic patients, they have to live as insulin dependents The health of our children, we must take action uteyum pramehattinetire. "

"We had to eat hamburger"

"Type 2" diabetes is easy to handle, and we are ready to feed the food from our children, especially when we go out, "said Habergar,Or do not eat sugar drinks. In the form. Every year, around 300 children are diagnosed with diabetes. Children undergoing treatment for diabetes conducted a awareness program to the Kuwait Squirt from the hospital.

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