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IPhone 11 Features and Price Released in September


Apple enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the iPhone 11 – like other models – but it is likely to be released in September. The new iPhone, which will be released in the near future, is among the leaked information that will enhance the near-consumption experience of previous models Dello as well as brand new features. Another rumor that has been stolen in our ears is that Apple will go through a fundamental change in the naming of the Pal model. In this case, the iPhone XR IPhone 11R A more advanced version of the iPhone XS IPhone 11 Pro; IPhone XS Max IPhone 11 Pro Max Will be called.

Let's now focus on brand new features that will come into our pockets with the iPhone 11 keeping in mind the leaked information from the company and rumors spread from ear to ear …

1. 30 percent fast face recognition system

It is expected that all design problems experienced by iPhone X users will be solved in the new model. Apple uses the first Payphone technology on the iPhone X Face ID (Face recognition) system, unlock screen Touch IDIt was criticized for opening much slower than. According to Apple, the iPhone 11 will run 30 percent faster.

2. 25 percent more battery capacity

According to rumors by Apple pal analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 11 will have a wider battery. IPhone 11R, which is compatible with XR model with 2,942 mAh battery capacity 3,678 mAh Battery, while the XS model with 2.658 mAh battery capacity 3,323 mAh The battery will be updated with the iPhone 11 Max. This is an iPhone 11 battery. 25 percentIf battery of iPhone 11 Max 15 percent That means it will grow.

Of course, these powerful batteries Wireless Reverse Charge There was no delay in bringing the property. Thanks to the wireless reverse charging feature, you'll be able to charge your devices like the Apple Pulse Watch and AirPods with wireless charging support with your iPhone 11.

3. Professional triple lens system for photos

In recent years, taking photos is very popular with smartphones. In addition, despite the professional cameras on the market, sales of such devices have dropped dramatically thanks to the cameras that come with the iPhone. Third camera maro lens, perhaps the most attractive feature of the iPhone 11, Ultra Wide Angle Especially for nature shoots. In addition to the new lens system, the new models also expect some improvements to the Dello's front camera. The allegedly new series front camera 7 MPs Resolution 12 MPs Will be upgraded to resolution.

4. Up to 40 percent faster data through super-fast Wi-Fi technology

According to analysts, the iPhone 11 will have super-fast Wi-Fi technology. Wi-Fi 6 Also known as the latest Wi-Fi 802.11 ax The standard, which will benefit from the standard, will provide a 4-fold performance increase and 40 percent higher data rate in congested areas. Basic data, such as app updates, will take up 60 percent less space. Even newer models 5G Connection, but we have to wait until 2020 to actively use it.

5. Dual device connection with Bluetooth 5.0

Expect to participate in new model deals Bluetooth 5.0 With the technology you'll be able to send audio deo to two different devices at once. Although two devices could connect via Bluetooth in previous models, voice is sharing through one device. In the iPhone 11 series, you'll be able to send various audio deos to your AirPods and Apple Pulse at the same time.

6. Millimetric design changes

When we look at the leaked case designs of the iPhone 11, we see that the new series will only be bigger and thicker in millimeters than the previous models. Button and control functions will be almost the same as the iPhone 11's mute button in the form of a round, as opposed to the normal horizontal shape and will be controlled right-left instead of the up-down axis.

7. iOS 13 version with NFC technology

The iPhone 11 will be the first smartphone to use iOS 13 with NFC support. Near Field Communication That means the NFC (Near Field Communication)Means wireless communication technology that can connect to NFC-equipped devices remotely, such as cm-. Cm Using NFC compatible phones, you can conduct contactless transactions such as unlocking king, mobile payment and check-in.

8. A more powerful processor with the new A13 chipset

If you think the A12 chip that powers the iPhone X series is one of the most capable mobile chips in the market, there is no doubt that the new A13 chipset will be available on stage with the iPhone 11!

9. Price threshold $ 1,000

The iPhone 11 family, the entire function of the iPhone X family, will probably sell at:

IPhone 11

  • 128 GB $ 999
  • 256GB $ 1,099
  • 512 GB $ 1,199

IPhone 11 Max

  • 128 GB $ 1,099
  • 256GB $ 1,199
  • 512 GB $ 1,299

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