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It is a guest of unchecked experiments that are interested in seat car seats


Several driving conditions are applicable to SEE's specially developed experimental environment.

The Volkswagen Group is moving forward every year SeatReflects the diversity of the product range. New generation from Leon 2019 Spanish-based brands, which enter into an important transition stage, continue to develop mutually. This occasion is included in the car Seats, Pre-production Stability and comfort Many challenges for analysis. When we look at the details of the work, we find that there are 6,000 tests for finding materials on textiles and sponges. A machine 22.000 friction movement Performance, More than 100 kg Body weight A person's everyday movements are revived and tested the activity of seats. There are five challenges in which each car seat is tested during the three-year development process.

Steps in tests

A professional test team of men and women in different stages of women's organization can cross 6,000 times a week. Each test staff has a seat 5 years Across the process to revive based results 700 times He does. Test Staff A metal button or hard-clean denim trousers are wearing a back pocket. By doing so, it is aimed at making sure that every driver who sits in the season can defend his sponge and Fabri.

Take your interest

The number of seats is another exam in this program The friction movement Implementation. Through this experiment, in a laboratory environment, 3 weeks, 24 hours and 22 thousand circuit wheels We understand the daily movements of a person weighing 100 kilograms. After exams, the assessment of the seat's performance and examines the same shape and feature. In a cabin, it's violent to stir up the driving conditions in an unregulated surface. 225 hours This test lasts about 300,000 km. During the test, in the vehicle 80 ° C to -35 ° C Temperature variation. This work has been made to ensure that the vehicle's features are not changed and no damage has occurred.

The engineer SEAT Arona reviews the performance of the heated seat in a room of 20 degrees Celsius. Thermographic camera is used to check that the temperature will reach temperatures within 3 minutes. The temperature will rise to 40 degrees Celsius after 15 minutes. Like Heat Map, the heat is distributed equally throughout the entire surface, which can cause the consolation of drivers.

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