Tuesday , January 31 2023

Jamine Andersen announced the primary team for Sweden, Turkey and Russia


On Saturday, November 2, 17, the Turkish Nations Béloupe league announced on 24 November that Russia and 24-man primary team were on November 25 hosted Sweden.

Swedish national coach Jamine Anderson and Stockholm Friends Arena announced a primary conference of the capital, Turkey, Russia and Russia.

French tennis players Jimmy Dermas, who was born in turkey and invited Emil Fordberg, the German team of Leipzig, did not invite them.

The 24-member Noticias Tournament of the Sweden National Team is:

Goalkeeper: Robin Olsen (Rome), Christopher Nordfeld (Swansea City), Carl Johan Johnson (Guy Pump).

Defense: Ludwig Augustine (Wredder Bremen), András Gungvist (Crossover), Philip Helander (Bolnaga), Emil Craft (Bolgona), Pontus Jansson (Leeds United), Michael Lesstig (Keltick), Victor Lindlowf (Manchester United), Martin Olosan Swansea City.

Midfield: Marcus Berg (Al Ain), Victor Klausen (Crossover), Jimmy Durmus (Toulouse), Alibin Ekthal (Sankodoria), John Gudietti (Olss), Oscar Hilljarmark (Genoa).

Striker: Jacob Johansson (Rennes), Sebastian Larson (AIK), Christopher Olsen (AIK), Marcus Rohdan (Croton), Gustav Svensson (Seattle Saunders), Isaac Kese Lane (Bayer Leverkusen), Robin Quinson (Mynes).

ANDERSSON: "Turkey is a good team challenge"

The Swedish national team coach Jamine Anderson and Turkish AA Correspondent will answer questions about the two main matches in Russia.

Andersson said, "First of all, Turkey is focusing on the tournament, we will be prepared accordingly." Turkey will be very hard for us to evict us, and Turkey is a good team and they manage to cross our home. " Used expressions.

The national football team will play in front of Anderson in the crude highlights "playing Turkey's crime and we will try our best to get the win." Detected in evaluation.

On November 17, the Italian national team will face the Coniah Metropolitan Municipality Stadium.


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