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Last minute: Eisen Greda died at age 74. The history of the funeral was announced by the grandson

Dr. Aysean Grudia therapist. Ergun Kasapoglu; Uz, we are experiencing deep grief over the loss of experienced cinemas and theater experienced Ayeshen Gruda, which has been followed in recent years with our recent medical treatment in our hospital.

Every time in our life, from her child to her old age; We have died to tell the story of Anne Mad Madman Isle in the new world.

In order to maintain the best possible care during the ongoing treatment of an intensive care unit, we support all of our employees, after our happiness, we are again recognized and aware of our beloved Ayesene Grudo, who feels any pain during the process. All right, get the head and lovers of Turkey & he said.

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Culture and Tourism Minister Mehrisht Nouri Eroshi also shared the message; I am very sad that Turkey's theater and cinema's main performer Iain Gruda, who has participated in many memorable films such as Hubbam Class, ShakePare, Kapsler Kapali, Mary Dais, has lost her life. Head of our nation and art community, "he said.


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Grandmother Emre Gruda, the master's actress said that her grandmother will be buried on Friday:

Last minute: Aiain Grudha lost her life at the age of 74. His granddaughter announced the date of the funeral

"My grandmother, the mother of all of us, has died with us, a person who says many wonderful things to many generations," Turkey knows how people bury me. "On Friday, we should do so in the ZincRiliku mosque after noon prayers. The situation was not very good, but consciousness was clear. I had no problem. I thank all the hospital staff. We talked about the past, we talked about beautiful things I am very grateful to him.

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Due to the famous names of the death of artist Ayesen Grudo After the Master Player, his friends expressed their grief in these words.

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In 1963, we started playing at the Muar Karka Theater. We had five films with us. Most of the games I put on stage were Eysen. Two years ago I played in my theater. It was very valuable to me.

The doctors said that we should be ready now.

I talked to him last year. His illness started last year. She did not want to say that. I wish we could keep it alive. Ayesene was a very big, very different actor. He worked hard. She went home a day before moving to Providence and the next day she would say, 'I got it, I got this.' & # 39; It's a great creature that I can not live with. For those who love Ayesen, theater lovers are right. (Ismail Biarak)

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Women's comedians get very hard, we've lost one of them. We've shared many views with them. When you are ahead of 1-0 with a scene with Eyesen We live from such moments. It was a New Year's Day. We were going to the show sometime from nightclub. We were on the Bosphorus Bridge. & # 39; Rasim, you're a bad man, you've entered me in the new year, & # 39; He said. Allah is Mercy. Ayesen is very happy with her job, I think every act is like playing.

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Now my grief has doubled, and when I listen to her grandson Emre … I'm sadly going on a tour early Friday morning. But dear Ayeshen sister understands me For that, everything came first. Unfortunately I can not see it, but I will send my prayers. She was very honored, she was a woman, she was a woman. She was a Republican woman; We need this very much.

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I'm very sorry. Unfortunately, we became a professional in 1964. We played together on many shows. Now I learned from television. I'm sorry that I can not find anything to say. She was very colorful character. It was one of the artists who could not be re-freed. I want all the lovers to have healthy head health. Thanks to our head, there is nothing to say. I'm very sorry.

Atilla Dares:

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A huge loss It's a time when comedy is king. For example, Devacus Kaber Theater is an attractive team that has entertained us for years. They were Halit Akakate, Zeki Alasya and Matin Akkinar. Icein Gruda was a women's actor.

Then Artem Agilamez; Gorgeous man … Arjhoomi is a different species. Ayesen also took his place in Gruda. They made films that they often play in drama, sometimes comedy films.

Tomato is also known as a miss; It was a funny nickname … It was a person who knew how to make a smiley that he was funny in his personal life. Life was wrapped in life with four hands.

I hope you will be saved from this disease, but it failed. God rested his soul

Ali Poyozoelu

Theater is attributed to the audience head. I especially thank you for your grandson.

People do not want to say anything in these cases. She was a quiet woman. He was a great actor. My first actor was on stage. He and his sister played in an amateur theater.

Tomatoes were the greatest fame as beauty. He was a devoted, secular, strict intellectual, devoted to his profession. Thanks for all of us.

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Dry Ayesen was a great name for both Turkish theater and cinema. Ayesene's death was a great loss. I'm very sorry. I have nothing to say or say. I am a very emotional person. I'm very sorry. She had conversations the next day. I have been 63 years in cinema. I'm old. I've been in my friends 4-5 who saw that. They all died. I see old movies crying. Going out, instead of new I do not think I'm coming.

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The head of Turkey is right. As you said earlier, we have become one after the other. I do not know that we go to a good location, but we're running low. No one comes, but can not change anyone. She just does not get the right of movies, head of Turkey all right. Eysen Gruda was the second one. There are many talented people there. No one can change Work was in concert with love and cinema discipline. She was a perfect artist.

Last minute: Aiain Grudha lost her life at the age of 74. His granddaughter announced the date of the funeral

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