Monday , March 20 2023

"Let's tell everyone Lucescu something …"


Bezaktus Club President Rebecca Wood, reiterated the football in Turkey.

The Ficeta Orman visited the Bolshevar Club and met with President Netsy Carracks. Coach coach with Saith Karafırtınalar in the under-21 under-training team.

Replying to questions from the club's clubs in the jungle, Bolisporon reminded us of a powerful team that has superior leagues available in the past.

"We have 2, 500 guest rooms, 20-30 people"

Fucket must be supported in order to invest in cities and support clubs. "In particular, the urban teams, football lovers must be in these tasks, the interest in public growth, the team coming and the team will stand behind," he said.

"Turkish sports need to be shaped"

"The most important way to ensure this is to include the audience for developing football." Turkish sports needs to be created, we have good clubs in the case of financing, we do not have a backlash behind our clubs, Beecchas, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Trazonspor, Barzaspor and other teams, like the championships, all have a deficit. There is a structural need. "Used Expressions.

He said that he should not follow the bad examples of the jungle competition.

When he told me he did it, I ran to the same train, and you're driving a bad train on the train, Beliebir, as Ali Kok said, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Finance are on a mission. Ali (Coke) president, Fenerbahce, I hope that he is subject to good capital, what will happen if he does not come to work? Basicus 6.5 to 7 years we are struggling, but fans win this game and in this case the exchange rate is very difficult. "

"Invest the local players"

A national football team defending the fall of the Fukuoka forest was to secure the attention of the UEFA Champions League League National Team.

Urman continued: "Recruitment caders have formed national teams and these players have a limited time,

"Miras can tell Lucius everyone, but what will he do?"

"While all the players are very talented, you create a team that is organizing with a national team, the 2002 World Cup, based on the European Union championship achievement, and the domestic players in Turkey need to invest, from which we need to create a team spirit, or otherwise difficult P But what will it do? The staff of the establishment is clear, if a team is established, 2-3 training after the competition. "

"We do not have a name like the name of National Football Team."

Benedictus coach called the name of the national football team named Ajenda, an experienced coach is a major football brand. "The name of the team, like the President of the Federation and the President of the Federation, will be a day of mayor, when you are in the field of sports and society, your name passes in some way," said the evaluation.

Preparation of bolsporman matching match application

The Bolshevik Club president and his friends will continue to do so since last time. Çarıkçı takes a lot of fans in the reflecting city, a national team Beiscottas wanted to make a preparatory competition, Fikret Forest said that the issue was positive.

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