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Liver transplantation from single patient to two patients


Ankara (AA) – Diu Yuva – A patient's brain has been caused by death and has been donated to organs.

Ankara University (AU) was hospitalized after 16 hours after the hospital Ibn Sina's hospital, health azhiogogolu and fatca carragon and liver bleeding simultaneously in the 3 operation room.

Faculty of General Surgery, Faculty member Dr Denis Balsy, Dr. Kann Kareel Screen, Prof. Meltem Cologlu represents Dr. Anesthesus team. Dr. Busak Sidha Meso Liver Transplantation, more than 10 faculty members, 20 specialist doctors and assistants.

– I waited for my son's liver.

On June 1, he made a statement in a liver transplant and his son was admitted to the age of 18. "My son will have to be 18 years old and I'm facing this disease for 11 years," he said, "I went away last night and thanked it for the intensive care unit and the transplant team," he said.

Fifty-year-old Fatheel was suffering from liver failure because of the liver damage. Caran said, "God has sent us, but those who do not, let all be members of their organs and those who are waiting for their health," he said.

– "The liver is the two patients."

Ankara University Liver Transplant Center Responsible Specialist and General Surgery Department, Faculty Member Balsi said that he is happy to express a good organ transplant in a week's donation.

In the liver organs a brain death resulted in a donation to the balcony. Two of the two decided to separate each one.

Balsi said that the recipients of the professors had called the patients for immunization and they started preparations. Successful team operation. "He said.

Using different operating rooms simultaneously emphasizes a great team work,

"You transplant by separating the liver to the right and left to both adults, which require a big team, it is necessary to work with experienced teachers and good operating rooms, intensive care and anesthesia.

On the other hand, there are three continuous operations in three operating tables. Such activities can be done only in centers with large infrastructure facilities. She performed ten faculty members and performed 20 surgeries for a doctor and assistant.

Professor Dr. Joy is happy to find organs in the presence of two different patients. Those who donate more organs will be a source of hope.

– "we have a brave team"

Ankara University Dr. Erkan Ibsz said: The liver's blood pressure was part of a broad partnership and said that they were very happy that the patients were brought to health.

"We are proud of our expert doctors who exhibit transplantation as the most important thing to do after transplanting." Liver and kidneys and heart attacks are among the most successful children and adults in the University of İbiş. He said.

Ibnzas pointed out that "if profound social sensitivity in professor's organic organ transplantation can cause paralysis," he said, "patients with brain death are unhappy about their organs, and the Director of the Religious Affairs has messages about this problem. This is a serious problem and requires good education and legal systems. Used expressions.

By emphasizing that you can achieve more successful results, you can reach the study in Medicine, Ibzas said:

"Our teams have achieved international successes. They are a brave team that can simultaneously pursue new things and make us courageous and they are successful through their work.

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