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My last episode of the new 18 episode trailer in TRT 1 – last minute tv news


Leave my hand The last episode of the eyes was translated to the 18th episode trailer. The story of Asea and Sexy's romantic comedian Elimi Dasta will be revealed next week. The last episode of the series, which was published on November 18 evening, was struck by Aceh and Sec. In this fake union, Miel's unusual love is drawn. Kader Malis introduces himself more and more daily. US Yapm producing, Sadula Zelen, Director Nirupher Ayine and Volkan Yassyyy will be writing the screenplay. Alina Bose, Alp Navarre, Seri Gosler, Dolaney Zeysert, Serer Guamali, Barak Tamdog, Gokhén Yanardag, Erurgoglu Postlogue, Abru Ayak, Badhun Exi.

What happened in the last chapter

The demolition attempts to strike the Sura threat. Zelen decided to stay with his family and play with Kansu Kadi. Asura and Sekha were upset after Kanzu. In this fake union, Miel's unusual love is drawn. Kader Malis introduces himself more and more daily.

Ferdin, who lost her best friend, tries to overcome this pain, and on the other hand she tries to fight against the company's problems. The power of tolerance is in danger and the company's balance changes.

The fact is that behind a family behind a family is the largest treasure in the world. "The audience will see the importance of family relationships by working with this slogan.

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Early sores

Sadla Zelen, the director of the newcomers and Aleena Bose, Elimin Hussain Avani Denil, Dolnoy Zeysert, Ertuguli Postdoğlu, Seemer Basel, Epic Filis Yassisi, Serer Guamali, Burak Tamdogan and Badhun Axii.

The story goes through secrets of sex, and his assets are handed over to Astra overnight. Azeri Turkish daughter, a kabab restaurant outside, is studying abroad. The huge futures of big families abroad come back to Turkey after their first meeting, Lee resulted in a mix of suitcase on more and more young people.

Exit the screen

Ferrid Hanem is a businessman who feeds food and becomes a regular constituent and becomes a middleman of Fred Honey for his own business. She knew that she would do much more, and Ferdin Hannim worked to give her the right support, and eventually she made a company with the Artisan Restaurant, which became a chain in the small shop. She has never forgotten the help of an entrepreneur who has touched her life as a magic sentiment, for which she has always taken steps to become other people's magic.

SimC grew up responsible for the death of his father. When he went away from his inner self, he accused himself of being a man. When he wants to study in the United States, he does not want to stay with his family when he comes close to his family. That is why he wants to sell his family and return to another business. For this reason he did not cooperate with his grandmother and lost his portion of the child due to the accident.

Sen was grown up by himself and his family. It was alone for him, and that led him to selfishness. Death of his paternal uncle Ferdinand D'Origin is the death and foul of the same pain. He goes on to Aarhus!

At the beginning of the twentieth century, she is a very beautiful, intelligent, respectable and important boutique. A cook in America. When his father calls him, he returns home. Sunil's Mariamma, Sunil brother Kanzum and her brother Zertu, a musical genre, and their father lives with them. But all this happens only one night. A news that came home had destroyed everything and his father died.

If Asara loses his father, they are bankrupted. Sumurah created a new life for her saint, concealing money from Accra and Mertel's life insurance policies.

Asr, brother of Atis, Mert, is trying to keep life. However, he suffered in this way. Surprisingly, what Abram does, he knows that he dies with his brother but can not do it. You must be alive, no matter what you live! He has his armor, so his brother may continue his education. Job seeks to investigate and study the study. He sees the opportunity at restaurants in Istanbul. Eventually, he met Pistham Restaurant, a member of Fred Hani's company. There, manager Azar's knowledge of Turkish rejected the diet. As soon as the grief gets down, Asha leaves the phone number.

Ferrid Hannim returned to the old days to think about how to divorce his family and returned to the first day of his professional life. He sells as Azzara. In the meantime, Ferrid sees his son's dreams, and on the way to pursue a dream, their lives are being crucified, they drown the robe.

Fera Hainim, who lost short-term memory, got Azhara and became a loser. She does not know who Ferdin Haniem is and she is sincere. With the last cash he saw the costs of the woman's hospital without any hope. She takes medicines to give the woman medicines again. God, who stays in a house on his eyes, preserves his guest in the best way. She gets the food that helps her regain her strength. She spends her money. Fortunately, he does it sincerely. On the other hand, he sought a job in the cooking topic. She will meet with Ferdin's company, but she can not go to the meeting for Ferrid Hanim. Perry Heinem regains her health in a short time, but does not show it to AZRA. He comes up with an idea, and this idea decides to start measuring and measuring whether the Asra is the right person to keep life alive.

First, a sweet, beautiful, and desperate woman becomes a fairy tale. His goal is to observe a person who is undergoing a patient's patience. Athira prevents job from interview, and the last money spends her hand in hand, walking towards the girl, but does not see a comeback from Asraha. Ferrid Hannim's behavior affects the girl's behavior. His family, life, bleeding does not go to women, he has not abandoned a girl. You like it. Finally, Asra believes that she is right on her path to studying her family!

Ferrid Hanimi believes that this is based on his own tradition. She decides to leave a smart, honest, intelligent and good human being, Asra.

Azmi Bay, the CEO of the company, wants to take over the company. He has developed a smooth plan. In the United States, it can help you start the drug with Senk, Meliss, Ifkan and Arda. In this way, there is no one in the family to care for the company. However, Asemi Bay's plan will end at the end of the check. After a while, he sees the lives of his brothers and wants to establish a good relationship with Ferrid Hanihim and strive to fight future enemies.

The hand drop family is the basic building block of the community. It is a family play. It was a necessity of joining together, so the family members joined together as a result of that work.

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