Saturday , April 1 2023

News: Playing in the game! Kissed those you question … & # 39;


The hacker group's information has become a nightmare for social networking, which is their threat, an immoral promise.

According to the news, Axadan Devid Thozunoglunan; Specifically, plus 1, plus 44 and 63 countries use WhatsApp. Your account below will not be verified, so your Instagram account will not be closed or your account will be closed and the Select Network will be discarded into the Instagram Team Advertiser in the message.

Istanbul Cyber ​​Crime Branch teams have studied the privacy of privacy for a long time. Sending links to a popular method of fingerprint, the Network and Instagram extension sent to the spam link. There were 37 different names, such as Teams, Duck Leane, Tambitch Lane, Chaky Yayne, Duff Lane and Bandage Layena. Of these, two different operations were sent to 6000 people, including 46 people. 14 people were arrested in the raid.

A prominent network in the investigation file itself has also been done by the group's dialogues.

The 500,000 followers of Bahr Ç put Alena Tilke on the analogy of the singer's account. In a shock, a fake ID was seized.

A humorous humor against the hacker actor Burke Octoy himself introduced himself as a dude merger in the group. Okare said the hacker would be liable. "The kisses kissed him," he said. Netsa Alkolar, another wife of another famous alumni, Althan Dussiana, who aims for Hungary. Back in the face of Hacker's Hacker account of Backyake Imper said, I think the game will be a game of play. I'll be surprised at you. Canzu G, which does not pay for the net network, has been subject to immoral promises.

Geraz Dinabutuonoglu, Nassan Awiwi, Tola Suutgal, Imra Kauq Kemal Sankagli, Gokhan Guazzes, Gerasan Gouzes, Adem Seim, Pelin Dillis, Birsan Kahan, Rana Gol Kirkanathar, Buland Odder, Engine Zebaben, Ismail Abanoz, Mu Bilkan Gulzan, Ramazon Gun, Buland Shakrak, Neslihan Bashiqir, Zaheen Athamar, Yelis Kakir, Emri Ayyakis, Murat Zakogoglu, Rashid Baggi Baggeli, Ilyas Oktre, Kereem Guzal, Havwan Kesin, Bahadir Tatli , Kanso Goks, Hali Ibrahim Bayarooglu.

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