Wednesday , January 27 2021

Pay attention to the development of ferroon and tonsils!

Ear Nose Neck (ENT) Specialist Op. Dr. Yusuf Şentürk, "False feeding leads to the development of nasal fleas and tonsils," he said.

Sansun Buuk Anadolu Hospital ENT Specialist Op. Dr. Dr. Yusuf gave information about the centrally, cereal meat and tonsil operations. There may be significant problems with open meat and tannin growth. Şentürk, patients made important warnings.

"75 percent of pediatric surgeries have tonsil and nose surgery"

In Turkey, 75 percent of children's surgery is reported that open NASA-carcinoma and tonsil surgery. Dr. Dr. Yusuf Centuk, "The causes of this operation are often seen in a short, relatively simple, low complexity rate, respiratory relief and starvation changes, due to many reasons for this. Between 1950-1980, nephrolith surgery due to the presence of antibiotics due to the presence and widespread use of the disease As a result of the increasing malnutrition of malnutrition and tonsils, the upper respiratory tract obstruction, sleeping pains Ltd., became prominent as a result of obstructive diseases of the mouth breathing. Orlama and sleep epeni diseases are today the most common basis for the surgery, "he said.

The main reasons for the operation

Şentürk suggested that sleeping in childhood has increased in recent years. "Acute heart disease, lung, and brain brain disease can be prevented from early diagnosis and timely periods of sleep apnea and meat and tonsil operations. At least 3 times a year, tonsils inflammation for 7 or 2 years, fever greater than 38.5 degrees, 2 cm on the neck Beta microbes in lymph nodes and throat culture. In case of long-term infections in the tonsill throat, tonsilary surgery is required. Tonsils are recommended in case of bleeding and bleeding tanasila operation. "

Şentürk also gave information about the operation of the disease, said:

"Because of cardiac arrest, lungs and brain complications, there is a hindrance in airways due to the infection of the nervous system, which is the cause of nephtechnomy due to sinusitis and frequent intermediate ear infections. In general, the most common cause of inflammation and other causes of nasal obstruction is inflammation and other causes. Should be evaluated separately and make a decision with the patient and his family.

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