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People with chronic illness should not increase their consumption of meat

"The basic principles of healthy nutrition, food selection, portion control and balanced distribution of food groups should be taken into account," said dietitian Roumea Kalensi in a statement on the festival of people with discomfort.

Referring to the importance of consuming kale lense together with meat and vegetables, he said:

"Red meat is rich in protein and is important for our daily diet. It is also a collection of vitamins and minerals. Meat should be cooked around 75 degrees, so that protein should be digested. However, it should not be eaten alone. Vitamins increase the body's use in iron, zinc and magnesium absorption.

Kaliensi emphasized that red meat fat is an important source of saturated fatty acids and that saturated fatty acids are considered a risk factor for the development of cardiovascular diseases. Kalyanchi, visible fat can be cut by reducing the amount of fat consumed during the festival, said:

"Because fats have high levels of saturated fat and cholesterol, individuals with chronic diseases such as blood vessels, diabetes and hypertension should take extra precautions. Without, baking is achieved without cooking, making digestion even harder .

Calanci expressed that the meat should be kept in the freezer in the proper position, the meat should not be left straight out to dissolve, a 2-4 degree portion of the refrigerator was required a day earlier.

Qualities, cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, which are avoided by people who are also consumed with fruits, roasted and red meat, are recommended for lunch.

Use of spices next to edible cases

Cooking red and consuming excessive amounts of digestive problems, noted that Kalyanchi, "Therefore, it is necessary to use spices for easy digestion of meat. Especially rosemary, thyme, garlic, age sage, curry, basil, tarragon, mustard powder. And, of course, chili pepper. Also, drinking lemon sliced ​​water before meals will help ease digestion. "Used.

Kalyanchi explained that drinking 4 glasses of water a day instead of sugary drinks can help reduce weight by maintaining digestion and satisfaction, adding 10 liters of mint leaves, 10g fresh ginger or cinnamon sticks, 10-12 slices or a liter of boiled water to dry apricots. It said 15 minutes after boiling over whether to relieve the digestive tract on Eid.

– "Red meat cooking is important"

Yildir, an oncology and functional medicine specialist, stressed at Tenerivar that the way red meat is cooked is very important to health.

In the open, some fires on meat-cooked barbecue in the form of chemicals that transform DNA-creator research into cancer-causing effects, expressed by Tennriver Tenriver, "The detriment of substances depends on the style of meat and cooking between the wrist and cooked meat." A distance of 15 cm should be considered, he said.

Tennriver said meat should not be cooked in more flames, because more fever carcinogenic substances in the flesh work out.

Reminds me that increased consumption of beef increases tannriver, as there is a deterioration in the composition of frying oil that carcinogenic ingredients, "cooked red boiled meat, or mesh and oven for this reason, can eliminate the negative effects in terms of cancer. Is. " He said.

When consuming red meat to remove visible fat and tail fat, it would be best to consume it, saying, "In addition, most meat is consumed more healthy than small pieces of meat. Red meat should not be eaten alone, as well as vegetables and vegetables. Greens should be selected. Vegetables and greens. They both facilitate digestion and prevent excessive consumption. "Phrase usage.

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