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Peters – There can be a little smell from the official's forum

Dr. Gatroenterology and Hepatology Dr. Top GMRWA said that due to its low sources, there may be less smell of respiratory or stomach disorders, and treatment has improved.

Professor Dr. Gmrdl, a social problem, a less odor, an ear, a nose and a Boaz infection, dietary patients, acres and kidney diseases and people in the liver.

Those who have a low odor problem or need to worry about whether to call Helicopter Pillory, suggest that bacterial GMRDL should be investigated, "The bacteriological examination found in patients with the stomach inspections and these treatments is applied." "He disappeared," he said.

"Low Maintenance"

Professor Dr. Khan said that he has contributed to low smell of food such as Katie as Buckam, choice meal, dietary diseases and diarrhea. Dr. GMRW, "non-alcoholic mouthpiece mouthpiece is selected with inlet, incense paste and at the same time with little smell on the market" it remains.

Professor Dr. Gmrdl also observed that occasional use of base materials has less smell in people with chronic diarrhea, or less smell of people with less respiratory health.

Food can also cause odor

Professor Dr. Gmrdl can lead to bad breath, such as tketilen soan, garlic, meat, bacon and cheese, which suggests lots of flour:

"The smell will continue until the smell is removed from the bottle. Similarly, alcohol and alcohol cause less smell. Pasta, sausage, such as instant food after tongue.

Desire your desires at least twice a day

Professor Dr. GMRWA has also said that every child, gene and mother should have at least twice a week.

In the troposphere, the rest of the food remaining in the tongue and other tissues in the tissues remain, bacteria in the inflammation burn the odor compounds. Dr. GMRW continued:

In addition, in this environment, which are in the form of low maintenance deficiencies, diarrhea and diarrhea, and prostheses, which are not cleaned, they experience the same stretch. It plays an important role in cleaning Gda artifacts that cause scent. "

Professor Dr. Gmrdl recommends the use of ropes during maintenance, if it is not clear enough.

your language

For the stratification of this language, which causes less smell, GMDL said the humidity of the language framellan's aldalysis.

Especially for people with a lot of cigarette and months, the language of the language is increasing with the same colorful Arrow Grayd. 5 cups of water should be treated with water, soda, alcohol, alcohol and smoking. Acid ears can produce less smell, as well as less complication. Tea Bases (such as miryllopsy, blood pressure sites) can reduce the odor and reduce the odor.

Professor Dr. GMRW, less immediate conditions, stomach bacteria, gastrointestinal problems and arthritis, body's gastrointestinal problems, or other fragrances, or less paralysis, other odors are recorded less.

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