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Promotion in SSK SSI Bakur retired is the last time Cast TL of 2018 retirement rates – Last Minute Economy News

2018 SSK SSI Bakur's Retired Mama Promotional Rate Rate Retirement Increase In the last minute, the TTL Maya Group 330, 415, 500 pounds also says, new invoices up to 450 pounds 50 pounds, 2 new automatic invoices 150 pounds (overdraft account in base banks There is also a bank which retains 450 liras, the young man has sent him to the bank to pay 150 lac. In 2019, Banks are preparing new veterans, offering free packages, the Man 3-year-old bank has to sign a contract for the receipt of the same bank pensions for a promotion of £ 1,000, in addition to the additional interest rate. Minimum interest rate credits, free benefits will be offered. Sparrow is planted in the crowd of Hobbs. In the second half of 2018; SSK and Ba-Kur retire Appropriate increase in population, as well as civil servants and civil servants show the difference in inflation is 4 per cent., Was 12.26 per cent in July-Oct. 2 data. However, given the outlook. Central benkasa, I swear to expect the conclusion of the survey month. According to estimates, SSK and Ba-kur pensioners will be 13.99. 10.49 percent government employees and civilian employees will see the difference in inflation. In the meantime, pensioners need to retire to complete retirement when they need to retire. In order to be able to start a pension when giving its own pension as a pensioner, the SSI is not asked to borrow the premium. For retirees, but for those who can not request a pension for Boron's debt, they have been removed. And civil servants and civil servants, inflation is recorded at 10.49 percent.Last minute

Competition Yixtel Rick

However, the competition has increased by up to 600 pounds. In addition to the promotion of new bill instruction, 50 pounds, 2 new automatic invoices, 150 pounds (deposits with a Deposit Account in the original banks are also required), plus up to 450 pounds, 450 pounds in addition to promotions. There are also banks that retire 450 Lira, the young man sent to the bank to pay 150 lira.

New year will increase

In 2019, the promotion campaign will be updated. Banks are preparing new veterans, offering free packages. Man 3-Year Bank to sign a contract for a one-thousand-pound promotion, to get the same bank pensions receipt. In addition, additional interest rates, such as mini interest rate credits, will be offered free of charge.

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