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Safe submission! How much will Galatasaray win in the Champions League?

In the third qualifying round of the Champions League, our representative Bakasihir was defeated by the Olympiacos with a score of 1-0 and 2-0, as Galatasaray was the sole representative of the wider tournament this season.

After departing, B Cassihair & # 39; s in yellow-red will cover 90% of the publishing revenue. Aslan, who won 8.5 million euros from this item last season, will get around 10 million euros this time. UEFA reports that all teams will pay 292 million euros in revenue this season.

The Giants were eliminated, the Lions roared

According to the news, Galatasaray also assisted in the aim of changing the rules of the UEF award. According to the new regulation, the revenue share of the Pazarlama Marketing Pool Jellyer paid to the clubs was reduced and the opportunity was awarded to the 1st team coefficient rating. In this model, teams are ranked according to European points of the last decade. 1 share for each share will receive 1 million 108 thousand euros. Of the 32 teams competing in the Champions League, this item has earned 7 million 756 thousand euros. Colors added to the team's revenue.

Icbesti coin 15 million euros

The Champions League will take part in the UEFA football stadium paying 15 million 250 thousand euros for each team. For each win in the tournament 2 million 700 thousand euros will be given, 900 thousand euros in the draw.

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