Friday , January 22 2021

Sal Mdrl soured attention to tberklza

Eskihir L. Salk MD Dr. Dr. Ur Billy published a message about Weimar Education and Different Week.

People, known as tuberculosis, are still one of the most dangerous diseases in the world. World Sal RGT (WHO) states that in the 21st century, millions of people are not able to accept this treatment and therapeutic illness to lose their lives, when it insists on the need to inform the person about disease and paths. Ur Big in the field of lurring, "Bulkak system is weak among people and infants are easily spread, weakness or fatigue, weight loss, humiliation, tremor, fever, sweating in the night sickness, is one of the symptoms. To protect yourself, your loved ones and the people of the universe, clean air From air to air, to protect yourself, your loved ones and the cosmos flows to protect people. If you have sperm, fever, sweat, sweat If there are complaints like inefficiency, inability and ointment, please refer to the nearest Sal Board.

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