Friday , August 19 2022

Social media phenomenon collapses in car accident


The accident occurred at 11.15 pm in Ankara on the D-100 highway. According to the information received, the Cedar Özdemir's 34 HL 9359 plate cart D-100 highway anchara lost the steering wheel control using Cevizlibağ. After taking control of the car, 34 NC 2988 licensed plate samyam werol used. The other driver semifinous and girlfriend escaped the accident. The accident took place in passenger-bye car to help the driver of the vehicle, on the other hand the police, fire and health departments informed the situation. The driver was removed from work as soon as possible. The medical team was rushed to a nearby hospital after the first reply was given to the injured. The driver of the crash revealed good health.

Social media payments for other vehicle drivers

Semi Warhol was a social media phenomenon. A social media phenomenon and girlfriend found in the accident survived. Long quarrels have occurred after the accident. The injured person was injured in a traffic accident and was later removed from the removal of a police team. Following the accident, the municipal teams allowed the road and the police team opened the vehicle completely.

Investigation on the accident continues.

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