Tuesday , February 7 2023

Solutions that please the excessive sweat


Perspiration is an act that directs the body's heat balance, which it suggests. Burke Barucuk says, "When the internal temperature of the body increases, due to circulation and glare, cooling and evaporative cooling methods are used in evaporative vaporization. In this way, the body temperature is kept in control. Normal sweating limit is 1-2 liters per day And it can be as high as 10 liters and under stress and exercise.

The word Berukuil, Hyperhidrosis means that excessive sweating, saying, the amount of perspiration produced in the case of Durumunda Hyperhidosis is more common than the amount of body temperature. This condition, which usually begins in childhood or adolescence, can continue for life or can be automatically resolved at 25-30 years of age. Abstinence is termed as physiological or obesity, physical exercise, hot and humid environments, or excessive thick cloths. "

Very effective boats in the area of ​​the seat
On today's date, it can not be accepted as a simple skin problem, excessive sweating is an important dermatological disease that has social and mental dimensions and needs treatment. Berukukil "Underarm Perspiration should be treated mainly with cream and solutions containing aluminum chloride solutions. The first weapon and foot should be sweated by the i.Tooforsis system. If there is no effect, then Botox can be applied. Furthermore, under the legs, palm and armpit bongosex under the armpit Gives the most successful results under, "he said.

The effect persists between 3 and 14 months
Dermatologist Burku Barucool gave information on how to apply the treatment and concluded its words as follows: "Botox is applied by injecting the skin. Acetylcholine, mediated or stimulates sweating glands under the skin, preventing release of sweating The effect runs between 3-14 months. It is the easiest way to apply it to the armpits area In areas such as pineapple and palm, anesthesia and cold application are done prior to injection.


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