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System and Syria on the Table – Republican Political News

[Haber görseli]President Recep Tayyip Erdo .an first met at the home of a political party leader. Erdoગનan went to the house of MHP president Devlet Basheli to discuss "current politics and foreign policy" yesterday.
The expected meeting between the two leaders was held following renewed elections in Istanbul yesterday. Like other negotiations between Erdo .an and Baheli, the meeting took place in the House of Representatives, not surprisingly, at the Presidential Palace. Erdogan said, "For the first time since the arrival of a political party leader at the FISH to meet at home", when Erdogan's previous Bahl & & # x20AC; & # x2122; s attention to visit the MHP headquarters, but for some reason the meeting could not be held, "he said. General Chat Chat Lounge

Sitting in the Palace
Behshily, "Erdogan wanted to entertain at home in the courtesy structure" was expressed. In addition, Erdogan, Bahaselli, said a civilian plate car and a small fleet had gone to the meeting.
According to information obtained, Erdogan's Vice President Fouyat Okte told Bahaselli that he was chairing the team that was formed in the presidency. Prior to his meeting with Barcelona, ​​he learned of an interview with the Garden of Erdogan's presidential government system. Erdogan's results from previous meetings with MPs, as well as meetings with party decision-making bodies, and "deputies in the garden of complaints in the system," he said. Erdogan has been asked by the AKP to support Bah Basili. Bahseley also fits in with the footage that "the system carries the sheet completely to AKP".

& # 39; Turkey should be in control & # 39;
"An operation east of the Euphrates is necessary," Bahashili said, when a message was made to build a peace corridor in the NSC. Bahceli said Erdogan, "Euphrates and control of this area should be established in safe areas in the east Turkey". During the meeting the S-400 air defense system and the U.S. "Threats of sanctions" were also handled, and they said they would not submit to these threats. "

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