Tuesday , February 7 2023

The bride of Antalya chose TIR as her bride car


Remove his friend's dorset equipped with colored stripes of truck carrying Bridal Eyecat Burke Damor (25), along with other vehicles used by his friends in the district by district streets and streets, reached the caravan, Nihal Yilmaz (22) home.

Yelmaz, who was sent from his father's house with the help of prayer, riding on a decorated truck with the help of his relatives. Trucks and other vehicles, going to the city's Kawai Hall where the wedding will be held. The caravan was accompanied by interest from citizens.

Damat Damir, told reporters in a statement that his friend has made his truck bride.

Iron is interested in automobile sports, "I want to stay apart. On my request, my friend has built the car by building a truck and now the bride is not waiting for me at home and waiting, it will also be surprising. They want to go to the wedding hall. "He said.

Bride Yelmaz said that she was very surprised to see the truck, "beautiful, very liked, perfect, 'just writing. My wife was happy with something like this." He said.

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