Tuesday , May 17 2022

The consumer confidence in the United States was at the top of 18 years – last minute in economy news, 135.7 in November


According to the Conference Board report, which measures the trends of American consumers, the consumer confidence factor has decreased by 2.2 points and was up 135.7 compared to the previous month. The market expectation of the index has dropped to 135.8 from the top of last 18 years.

After the record breaking in October, consumer confidence in slowdown in November was effective in future expectations. In the report, it is noted that the expectations index, which reflects the projections of the future of Americans, has come down from 115.1 to 111.0. The current situation index, which measures customer evaluation for the current conditions, ranges from 171.9 to 172.7.

Lean Franco, director of the Economic Indicators of the Conference Board, said in a statement on the data that despite the slightest decline in November, the consumer confidence has been historically high.


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