Monday , March 27 2023

The famous astronomer lost his life in the traffic accident


Evermore Taurali, popularly known as the Astrologer of Magical World, is known as the famous Jyothisha scholar. He died in a traffic accident in the Charola district of Tekirddag.

According to the information in the morning Atarak Bulwari, Torelli, who walked for some time on the street, wanted to cross the road. 59 PT 161 Closed case truck hit Egemen Töreli. The impact of the accident on the side of the van in Pandal exploded. The truck driver, who was leading the accident, The wounded criminals were brought to the emergency department in the state corporation by the ambulances. Noted astrologer Igen Torrelli, all interventions could not be saved.

Traditional teams were able to export trucks and trucks to trucks and trucks.

Due to accident, Atarak's Bouquard closed on either side. The time of the teams returned to the normal traffic flow.

Investigation into the accident continues. – TEKIRDAG

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