Wednesday , August 4 2021

The last minute gold price … how did the gram stop gold and gold in the quarter?

After starting on the last trading day of the week, the gold price was stabilized at 208.8 pounds. Here are the details of gold prices …

How much is gram gold?

Grams Gold 208.8 pounds

How much is a Quote Gold?

Quarter gold 341 pounds

How does government gold do?

Republic Gold is trading at 1.398 Lira

Yesterday, 208-211 gold was moved to the narrow band of Lira Gram, below the day of 209.1 pounds.

With the decline of gold today, with a decrease of 0.14 pounds, a buyer of 208.8 pounds, 9.05 hours compared to previous closure. In the Grand Bazaar, the quarter gold is 341 liters, and the Republic of gold is 1.398 liters. After the Asian Gold Market, Dada Gold S $ 1,227.2 trades in the next minute.

AA finance analyst Islam Memis has reduced the dollar assets in favor of gold prices in this week's positive support that the increase under the Ace continued to stay above $ 1.227. If we can not break the level, then we will follow the abatement $ 1.207 level. "Found in the evaluation.

Depreciation of the dollar in the local markets negatively affects the village price of gold, according to Ms. Memes, if the 202 pounds fall below 207 pounds, the agenda could be 202 liters.

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