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The modern tip says that & # 39; I'm not afraid of the modern

Modern medicine has replaced our life with early diagnosis options, vaccines, antibiotics, and new and effective surgical techniques.

It increases the quality of life and broadens our lives. She initially diagnoses cancer. It opens obstacles in the heart vessels. They can cure fever disease in 3-5 days and can destroy allergic threats in a few minutes, sometimes even with an injection. In short, modern medicine is extremely successful in severe illness or problems and quickly eliminating emergency situations. We are grateful for that. Can the success of solving long-term health problems be successful? When this topic is autonomic diseases, obesity, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cancer, heart and brain diseases and chronic allergies, what do they say, do not fear, I am! Who Can he show his attitude that he has been cautious in diseases for a long time, who maintains it fast and effective, is extremely safe, I do not respect friendship without evidence, friend? When Ior comes to mental problems, when it comes to solving psychological and psychological problems, does he say, not a demi-fear, I am! Who Answers to these questions Yes, it is difficult to give a strong one. That's why I think we need a new medical approach, a different medical approach.

The modern tip says that & # 39; I'm not afraid of the modern

Where are the modern medical lungs? What is the problem?

What is the reason for the failure of modern medicine to solve chronic diseases, which are successful in solving severe problems? Where are the sources of obesity, diabetes, alzheimers, heart attack and stroke and where in the last 50 years is cancer 5 to 10? Where does modern medicine make a mistake? For me, the first mistake of modern medicine is the scary hats hat with its problems. No other mistakes? There! For example, it does not know "Analytical Thinking Mess" No result focused on the result. "He forgets the soul, he accepts only the body." The physical soul is ending. "He just ignores the basis of the prison's evidence and ignores the" supplemental, traditional and natural "drug approaches. As a result, modern medicine does not see the soil clean, but does not look at growing grasslands. In place of land and improvement ", it tries to destroy the results. In short, instead of abolishing the reasons, it is very busy covering the results.

Solutions can be an integrated approach

Today's From the beginning, the spirit of drugs missed more and more. It remains to miss He forgets that man is a perfect combination of soul and body. Body, soul, body and environment in which they live Culture and traditions they come from Evaluate away. In short, it focuses on the human and the body over most of the time. As such, it does not take adequate account of traditional medical practices. They do not respect them So is the solution supplementary medicine? Partly so! Modern medicine should also be benefited from traditional and supplemental medicinal methods. This is an indispensable requirement when there are chronic diseases. But this new approach is based on some conditions. For example mesHerbal Medicine Bitcoal means "Phytotherapy" When the following ingredients are very important …

Health is fairly simple First, let's know it. Medicine is not just diagnosis and treatment. It is the duty of the drug to protect health, social and moral well-being. It is important to treat pharmacological products as well as herbal medicines. However, these two-edged blades, as well as others are There are risks and losses as well as benefits.

Herbal products can be herbal Herbal production or production of medicinal plants, herbal compounds and products does not help "Harmless if natural" And their uncontrolled use is a risky approach. Both endow public health risks.

Safety is not open Poor quality herbal products, herbal compounds are produced irregularly, it is not possible to get good results with false proposals losing the miraculous herbal formula, quality and safety offered by the experts.

Quality can not be provided Like any medicinal product, some quality standards are required for herbal products. Security concerns are inevitable. They should know that they can cause inflammation and kidney failure by draining the liver with different structures and many natural chemicals. "Security" And "Helpful" There are also compelling principles here.

Scientific and Pharmaceutical College The only decision-maker in herbal products is the therapist, the consultant is the only pharmacist. These products only need to be used with the advice of a therapist. This is the inevitable point of sale of these products only in pharmacy. "Pharmacy transfer" The approach is wrong, the condition of the pharmacist is a big mistake.

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