Thursday , May 19 2022

They brought a credit card ban on prostitutes!


Sexual workers and politicians respond to it. With more transparent employment conditions and exploitation of sex workers, banks are accused of discrimination with credit cards.

Mark van der Beer, who lives in the Red Light district, says that the decision to make the banks is to drive more sex workers into more capital.

Van der Beer argues that misuse can be easily disclosed by using a card to avoid exploiting sex workers.

Deer Beer said that, apart from these issues, sex workers who work in the street have made security problems and sex workers are not safe in the streets that make them money.

& # 39; Decisions in the Decision & # 39;

Van der Beer, as criticism, the single credit card company that accepts payments in the region describes the EMS decision.

When dealing with Dee Telegraph, more people payments through credit card and sex industry pushes him to crime.

Sexual travails have been a distinction between sex workers over the years, according to a progressive gap promoting the rights of sex workers. All this argues that the organization, particularly ING, and the negative attitude of Theodos Bank to sex workers.

They do not work with sex workers, not just in the sustainable sectors, but in the arms industry, the industry, tobacco and hair industries, "said Tridos Bank.

Call the mayor: Move the problem to the government's agenda

EMS I do not like credit card company how to work with sex workers. We want to talk to the media before making a statement, "a spokeswoman said.

The EMS decision to respond with the sex workers is reflected by political parties. The Liberal Wright Party (VVD) Ammus City Council member Eric Van der Burg, said, "It's not just a problem in Amsterdam, but in many places sex workers are not divisive."

The Vanderburgh Mayor Femke Halsama was asked to bring the issue to Deshabhimani's agenda.

Democritus 66 (D66) municipal councilor Alexander Hammelberg told The Telegraph that license licenses of sex workers are a legal right.

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