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"Tumor is a major cause of joint pain"


Strong combination of pain and the calcification of the population affect many of the major joints, particularly the Mukku, East University Hospital, Orthopedics and Truthology Department. The Asso. Calcification is a disease caused by the degradation of Dr. Caesarechl because of the formation of sterile bones, hair growth, the formation of a new bone around the conjugation, and the development of soft tissue radiation around the compound. Complaint on lime in Asis explanation The Asso. Dr. Dennis Ayedin stated that the main complaints of various clinical problems include the limits of joint movements, increased pain in people with diabetes, the development of the pair with disabilities and the mysterious mysteries.

On the causes of calcium on the shoulders

He continued his speech with the wearer's skin. The Asso. The inflammation of the synovial membranes, combined with joints in the joint gas, legs, legs, arms, and legs of the joint iodine wine comb, which can hold multiple joints in the body. Avoidance of cartilage due to stomach and bruising. There is a big tear in the muscles. The fact that the compound does not move in the center causes long-term wear in the joint venture, causing calcification. Additionally, new calcifications can occur with the death of bones which can not be eaten due to problems in the blood supply. Such calcifications can be caused by steroid use, alcohol consumption, sickle cell anemia and troutatic injuries.

"Overhead Action Must Avoid Work Required"

In the first phase of the surgical procedure, the treatment methods are professional therapy, cold air use, hot water vapor use, removal of pain relievers, drug use, intrusive seulail insulin application, and physical therapy.
As a result of changes in action, the hand is handed out from painful guidelines. The Asso. Dr. materials used in a few places, often leaving bhujinre deleted and removed from the transfer of danis ayain declared: "It is very important to avoid the overhead of works that require movement. Vedanasanhariyaya reduce the edema around the sanyuktattin edma drugs, is effective in reducing the pain. To ease the pain and reduce the pain and cold Rayeagam useful. Sitagatagatam apply 4-5 times a day. It is applied to the cold gel packs for 10-15 minutes sanyuktattil pain. Increases the effect of the cold of the application and its application to a large surface,

"Wrong treatment can increase pain"

Pain injecting of the intra bald may reduce pain for a very short period of time. The Asso. Dr. Dennis Iiden The result of this application is temporary and repeated references are not recommended, he said. Olympic needles can combine joint extraction more quickly. Physical therapy helps reduce the pain of menstrual cycles, retention and improvement of movement. It is important to arrange for appropriate treatment. Excessive treatment may increase the pain of the patient. Despite all the surgical efforts used in the surgery, physical therapies continue to suffer the limitation of quality of life. Orthopedic coordination or Prospectus may be required in patients who benefit from the immune system.

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