Saturday , June 10 2023

"We have one goal, to get a permanent place in the league"


In the 12th week of the Super League, MKE Anankarugu, 2-0 Akkikar defeated Konissopora.

MK Stalin in the press conference held after the meeting. Ankurugu Technical Director Ismail Kadlal said, "Today, if we get a point here, we can win three points and we want to return to our home as we have all the competitions, we have given a few places to the opponent, we have a place, and in the second half we started with more excitement. System, We did not give the VAR system or warned it if you did not give us 100 percent penalties, and our balance was broken even after we scored our goals in the pencil, and we ate the second goal but we ate the second goal, so today we can not get points. He also said that Connaspora should succeed in the next match.

"This year we can enjoy only one goal, one of the constituents in the league"

Technical expert Kartal said: "Today we have a disability that does not face a great handicap who does not have Alihan, we do not have any footage when we look like a footnote In the middle level, there are some players who are injured, so we will not let go, we will be defeated. Some of us We have missions, we missed our players and could not reach the stomach of idiom 11, our goal is a permanent season in the league this year, "he said.

MKE Ankaragücü Technical Director Ismail Cartel said of his presence in the Mustafa Kamal Atarurk Signature in his jersey: "The 80th anniversary of our death can be the head of our country, and we can not fight in the form today, especially in the form of adequate form," he said.

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