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What are Natural Antibiotics? | Health news

07.01.2019 – 06:02 | Update:

It is possible to strengthen our immune system with natural formulas without antibiotics, nutrition, nutrition and diet expert Cheaida Silla Catastrophe, about 10 natural antibiotics used in the natural months of winter, important warnings and suggestions were made …

  • 1What are Natural Antibiotics?


    Phytotherapy, Nutrition and Diet Expert Şeyda Silla Bilgili, karşı Immunological power is a system that protects the human body from diseases and tries to find and destroy harmful microbes. Without using antibiotics, it is possible to strengthen your immune system with natural formulas. He explained 10 natural antibiotics that should be taken during the winter.

  • 2What are Natural Antibiotics?


    Sarimus, Sonn

    Miraculous nutritious garlic, which has been used for many years for many medical purposes, has been confirmed in the 19th century by research by Louis Pasteur. Especially when they eat raw, it also facilitates the repair of garlic cells which protects the immune system and protects against cancer due to sulfur compounds.

  • 3What are Natural Antibiotics?


    However, excessive use can cause bleeding in the body. Garlic is very useful in the table every day because many people avoid usage due to its smell. Onion from the same family is a very powerful antioxidant that protects against cell damage and strengthens immune system.

  • 4What are Natural Antibiotics?



    Kefir is now in the hands of microorganisms, especially to increase the body's resistance. In recent years, all studies have shown that cafe regularly protects users from infection of infection.

  • 5What are Natural Antibiotics?


    Kefir, while protecting the intestinal infection, prevents cancer-causing factors in the intestines, thanks to the digestive tract facility. It also benefits against nervous disorders, loss of appetite and insomnia. Kheifer, used in the treatment of high blood pressure, bronchitis and asthmatics, is a food that should be taken only by children and adults.

  • 6What are Natural Antibiotics?



    The immune system, spinach, vitamins A, B, C and E are one of the super nutrients with calcium, magnesium, quartinene.

  • 7What are Natural Antibiotics?


    Vitamin C and folic acid, which inhibit immune system immensely in spike and strengthen immune system, not only the body but also infections. Heart-friendly spinach has a blockage effect on brain aging. Naturally feed these miraculous nutrients which promise health and it's really a season.

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