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What channel does Turkish Turkey do not match? What time does Turkish Sweden match?


11 Turkey, some of Sweden Macia were likely! In the course of the match against Serbia, Mirza Luzuscu learned Manzs 11 times. So which channel would Futbollsever meet in Turkey-Sweden competition? Here are all the curiosities

Is Turkey a key-sweeping match? | National stimulus continues in the League of Nations. Sweden will face the Sweden Group 3 match.

On November 17, Russia-Turkey match will be screened live on 20th of everyday.

20:00 On Saturday, November 17, football and football fans will start their debut in Turkey-Sweden competition.

Turkey-Swedish match here, click here …

Possible 11S


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– Candidates

The national team nominated by coach Mircea Luisecu has the following names:

Goal Keeper: Serran Kirin (Accident Conteoreor), Sinan Bolt (Royal Antwerp), Okan Cocaq (Barzapor).

Mard Muldur (Rapid Vinean), Kagler Sainsi (Leicester City), Ertugul Esso (Barszpor), Mard Mehdore (Leicester City), Hasan Ali Kaldairaim (Fenbeck).

Murderer: Segar Umar (Roma), Serder Garler (Hussea), Ayatak Kara (Burzpopor), Irfan Kahn Cavez, Mehmut Tekemetter (Medieval Basak), Mehmet Toppal (Fenerabasses), Kenan Karamman (Fortuna Dusseldorf), Ougenh Oshakupp (Basicus) Sarko Yigoşlu (Celta flights), Tharcana Surrey (Kasımpaşa), Haqqan Cahhanoğlu (Milan), Younis Malli (Wolfsburg).

Striker: Senk Tosun (erran), Enes Unal (Real Walallide).

Turkey will face 12 times in Sweden

The UEFA UEFA League will meet with two Turkish national football team 12 times.

Both the countries, the official national teams, the Turkish 5, the remaining five remaining in the five games, the Sweden 2 between the wins 6, the equality is also in the 4 levels.

Turkey has 15 goals in those matches and 13 goals in the castle.

– First match in 1951.

In 1951, the first time in Turkey's history was Sweden.

In the special match in Sweden, Penalty finished with 3-1, but Lenin Kuskhenodnodis's penalty goal for the home team finished 50 minutes.

– Best return in the last match

Last time Sweden and Turkey had played for the 10th League of Nations League in Sweden.

Saina is back with a 2-0 whitewash against Hakman Shahlohnoglu between 51 and 90. Emme Akba's goals were won 3-2.

In the 35th minute, they are Iselin Tolin and Victor Klausen in the 49th minute.

– The last time in Sweden was 17 years ago

Sweden and Turkey achieved victory at the end of 17 years ago.

The 2002 World Cup European Championships was held at Ali Sami Yen Stadium in September 2001.

The battle was completed by 2-1.

– Competitions

Results from the following 11 matches are as follows Between the Sweden Turks national football team:

History Place Organization The result
10/06/1951 Stockholm Special 1 – 3
14/11/1951 Istanbul Special 1 – 0
03/29/1995 Istanbul European Championship qualification 2 – 1
11/15/1995 Stockholm European Championship qualification 2 – 2
15.06.2000 Eindhoven European championship finals 0 – 0
07.10.2000 Gothenburg World Cup qualification 1 – 1
05.09.2001 Istanbul World Cup qualification 1 – 2
06.08.2008 Istanbul Special 0 – 0
05/03/2014 Ankara Special 2 – 1
24/03/2016 Antalya Special 2 – 1
09/10/2018 Stockholm The UEFA League of Nations 3 – 2

Note: Competition results were the first team Turkey.

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