Monday , September 27 2021

World Festival Day – Egli Saba Huberlery

Izmir Doctors working in the newborn section of the Tepecik Education and Research Hospital met the babies and their families at birth. The 17th World Day of the Celebration of November celebrated in the hospital. Doctors wear purple clothing in disability color. EGEM TEPIC EAH Chief Physician Associations. Dr. Mustafa Emiroglu, Neonatal Experts Dr. Melle Aker, ASO. Dr. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Yekatera, Azolla Dr. Deffna Engure and Gisim Dogan were present. The birth of Topp EAD children was thanked to the doctors and nurses at the premature phase of the HA steel colon in the hospital, thanks to their ambition and love. At the end of the program, the doctors cut cake with children's family prematurely. "The premature occurrence of Turkey 8-10 twins is a major health problem that will solve a health problem affecting many areas of life.All the 10 months of intensive" Old Tepecik Pediatrics Department We are trying to activate and renew the ultra intensive care unit of the state, 80 percent of cases have been completed and we will be delivered to them a month. "Newborn babies, premature babies, work, work, work, patience Every year, I have been making slogans about early childhood. Favorite & # 39; The birth is not the same as the & # 39; s slogan.

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