Tuesday , January 19 2021

YouTuber Gokhale Yildirim ed darasii and her dancer

Youtube Gokke Yildrum said in her makeup video, that she had published her dancer boyfriend Ataberke Ozzden yesterday yesterday, she knew that she had cheated with the singer İrem Derici with love messages and videos she got on her personal computer. İrem and Ataberk, who made statements from social media accounts, denied the allegations.

"Are these people in retail sales products?"

İrem Derici had an argument with the Instagram account: "What do I do?" These people are not so fond of, and for this I have never been true & # 39; rung & # 39; No, so when you're released, you'll be the target board, hit the popcorn festival. I do not feel anything except my job and happiness. I know myself very well and I love myself.

Eram Derrissi and Atabar Ozden

"Our relationship was in the future like youtube"

Atabac Ozden, who shares the same time with her lover Ehrm Derisi, said: "Our two-year-old relationship with Goches has ended our love as a result of a frustrating fight and humiliation. Unfortunately, according to YouTube, our relationships have been fully developed." At least I do not have the framework to stay on YouTube.

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"Never Sleep"

Never a fraud case After Gocci and I broke our relationship with Imam. This will make it upset and ambitious that he has hacked my Instagram account and read the conversation with IRM. It is very comfortable to have a relationship with Gokse when the conversation happens. I wish him all the happiness and success in his life, and remember some things in the hands of all people. "

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"Allah is here"

"What more can I say? Everything about what I am saying is," YouTube offers itself, 'let's see the eyes of today's followers. " God really was really. "He said.

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