Monday , July 26 2021

A new twist for Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos on the doping case

The International Anti-Doping Agency (DEA) and the Spanish Health Protection Agency (SPEA), who is charged with confronting fraud and doping, have issued two reports on the real Madrid defender Sergey Ramos case, who announced the leak of the steroids after the 2017 Champions League Final. Was there.

The International Doping Agency confirmed that the European Football Federation's decision to close the Spanish defender's file after the clarification of the team's medical staff was legal, although 24 hours earlier the use of Dexmetzol was found by European institutions.

The International Doping Agency confirmed that Real Madrid's medical staff is responsible, but the answers they gave are acceptable.

The International Doping Agency and the International Federation of Football (FIFA) have not competed against the Court of Arbitration for Court for the U.F.F.'s decision, if they do not agree with the action against athletes tested for doping, Allows to take.

On the other hand, the Spanish Agency for Health Protection and the Games forfeited the feud against the Games had stopped the possibility of launching an investigation against Real Madrid's leader and confirmed that there is no strong evidence on the subject.

According to the Spanish Agency's statement, the discipline process is confidential according to the Spanish law, but can not open disciplined measures against any athlete, despite strong evidence of doping or trying to ignore the excitement exam.

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