Tuesday , February 7 2023

After more than 20 years the service designer "Apple iPhone" leaves Apple


After more than 20 years the service designer "Apple iPhone" leaves Apple

IPhone, iPad, and IMAX Designer, who has helped Apple convert to one of the world's largest companies for more than 20 years, has decided to leave.

Designer Jonathan Ewe announced Apple's decision to establish his company this year, which will be Apple's first customer. The new company named Loveframe will launch next year and will be its headquarters in California.

"I'm not one of Apple's employees, but I have long been interested in it and I hope he will run for years," he told the Financial Times.

According to a statement posted on Apple's website, Jonath expressed his pride in participating in the company's design team and participating in "unique ways" to develop the culture and style of work.

Jonathan was considered "a natural and appropriate time for change", but in his departure, the company was going to pass along some changes. Sales director Angela Arandas also left the company in April.

There is concern that Jonathan's departure can hurt investors and consumers, many see him as Apple's most important mind.

But Apple's director Tim Cook simply spoke on the company's web site, saying that Jonathan was "unique" in the design design and said his role in Apple could not be ignored.

Apple founder Steve Jobs embraced and supported Jonathan Yves for his talent and strong faith in the company. For many years with work and creativity, they created some of the world's most famous electronics, which made Apple one of the world's most successful partnerships.

According to ABC News, in 2012, Jonathan Yavesh of Buckingham Palace in the UK was named Sir Sir.

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