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Al Bashir was smoking pancreas cancer

Grapes are fighting cancer with cancer

Tuesday 20 November 2018 1:50:26 AM – Readers 62

Grapes are fighting cancer with cancer

According to a new German study report, a natural compound in the grapes is a barrier to the growth and spread of pancreatic cancer cells, a good place to provide effective treatment for the disease.

The researchers at the Institute of Organic Chemistry in the University of Wurlesburg, Germany, Their findings were published in the latest issue of the Journal of Natural Products.

Pancreas cancer cells are destroyed in the tumor area and nutrients and oxygen.

In these harsh conditions, body cells are dying, and pancreatic cancer cells and a signal pathway called Akt / mTOR are trying to create the nature compounds of this path.

Congo has discovered and won certain natural organic compounds in growing grapes in rainwater harvesting.

An association group called the Ancistrolikokine E3 has been found. In lab, the pancreasone cancer effectively targeted cells.

He added that this compound could be prevented from preventing and mitigation of cancer cells in laboratory inspections. He added that this compound can help create a fatal tumor in patients.

Professor Herhard Brimmann said that the extracted compound from grapes would help develop new drugs to eat pancreatic cancer.

Pancreas cancer is the most deadly cancer. Only 3.3% survive after five years of diagnosis.

By 2030, lung cancer is the second most deadly cancer cancer in the United States.

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