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Al-Riyadh newspaper is organizing the Arab banking supervision committee's 32nd meeting Arab Monetary Fund in Abu Dhabi

Arab Banking Supervision Committee is organizing 32th Meeting Arab Monetary Fund in Abu Dhabi

Director General of the RBI Monetary Fund Dr. Abdulhuman bin Abdullah al-Humadi started the 32nd meeting of the Arab Banking Supervision Committee on 26th and 27th November 2018 at Softelt Hotel Abu Dhabi, Arbeit. The committee emerges from the Council. Central Bank Governors and Arab Monetary Institutions Its members include banking and monitoring supervisors and observers in Central Banks and Arab Monetary Institutions as well as Arab Monetary Fund. In the meeting of the committee, the observers, representatives of the Arab Banks' Union and the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council will participate. Representatives of the Banking Supervision, International Monetary Fund and World Bank's Basal Committee will also attend the meeting.

Many topics will be discussed at this meeting, in which the counter-cyclical capital requirements of the most important Arab countries, the issues and challenges faced by Bazell III in Arab countries, and the regulatory framework for modern financial techniques. . In addition to the subject of new Basel III credit risk approach, on the basis of Basel III, the council will also discuss the implementation of the capital requirement to meet the risks of systematic interest banks. In this context, the topic of the operational risk framework by reviewing the experiences of Arab countries will be discussed in the framework of the operational risks on issues related to cyber space security by reviewing the effect of implementing the European Data Protection Rule for the financial sector in the Arab countries. Accounting Standard No. 9 In this meeting, the meeting included a meeting program in the review of recent regulatory and monitoring development in Arab countries, in the light of the eagerness of the committee to benefit from the experiences of Arab countries.

It is worth noting that the purpose of the Arab banking supervision committee is to achieve many objectives including follow-up for the implementation of many international objectives and recommendations, banking supervision issues, exchange of expertise and experience among Arab countries. In addition to transferring views from the Arab countries on the International Forum on Banking Surveillance and Financial Stability issues, coordination with functional monitoring and Basel Committee on other regional and international financial groups.

The Arab Monetary Fund will be responsible for the commission's technical secretariat. To organize workshops and conferences for senior officials to help in drafting papers and commissions study, enhancing the exchange of experience among central banks and RB financial institutions for senior officials and giving banking advice and technical advice on communication and integration with RBI's organizations. Regional and International Frameworks on Banking and Monitoring Issues

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