Sunday , January 24 2021

Artificial intelligence techniques to predict the symptoms of cancer

Researchers at the British University of Surrey have developed a new artificial intelligence system that can predict the symptoms and severity of cancer patients during a patient's treatment journey, which allows doctors to start at the beginning of these symptoms.

In its first study, the research team by the University's Vision, Speech and Safifensense Research Center explained that they had created two artificial intelligence systems that can accurately predict three common symptoms of cancer patients – depression, stress, and sleep disorders. These three symptoms are associated with a severe reduction in quality of life for cancer patients.

The study team has already analyzed the information available on cancer patients' symptoms in the radiotherapy phase. The team relied on data covering different periods, that these artificial intelligence systems based algorithms can actually predict when these symptoms will start or whether these symptoms will arise from the baseline. Studies conducted in collaboration with San Francisco, University of Surrey and California have found that the results of the artificial intelligence system were close to the actual symptoms being seen in patients.

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