Wednesday , February 24 2021

At the Outdoors exhibition, 100 works are given to the most famous photographers

The third edition of the International Photography Festival "Expo 2018" has been launched. Sharjah and Dubai are the biggest events at the state level photography event. They will host 6 foreign exhibitions of celebrated photographers, the UAE and the hospitality of the world's major visual arts institutions.
The festival will be a unique feature in the world of photography from November 21-24. Keith Beer, Henry J. Fair, Eric Barry, World Press Photo Award, has been exhibited at more than 100 photos outdoors exhibitions and distributed at various community centers in Sharjah and Dubai. Exhibition is the world's best award winning photographer in the movie Expo Export, Dubai.
The UAE photographer Yousuf Habashi shared his creative section, "Macro World". Photographs highlighting his abilities in the macro-photography art depicting small things and biographies. From November 2017 until November 2018, "moves" is organized by a group Associated Press named General in Tier.
There are two shows in Dubai mall: International artist Erik Bare, with artistic panels using light effects, a light bulb, flashlight or bird horror. Keat beer and "Save the soul" also include pictures of a campaign with the same name.
In Dubai, the Mall of the Emirate has three major international photographer exhibitions. Photographs by Philippe Lee Harvey, "Transformations" is portrayed by William Barryrington Baines, a European photographer for South Asia, while writing his unique experiences throughout the world.
This festival is celebrated by City Center Deira, a British exhibition of world famous photographer Timothy Allen's "Plat of Man". A collection of photographs collected over two years in traveling around the world for the BBC documentary documentary series. . The emirate's photographer Yousuf Al Sa'abai is participating in his multiplayer 'Mongolian Eagles of Gold'. It has pictures in western Mongolia in Mongolia.
This fashion film on Khalid lake in Sharjah will be held this year's world-famous photo fair at the Fair and will be selected from the 61st international competition from 73,044 photos of the 4,548 photographers from 125 countries. Sierra 6, recently opened by Sharjah University City, Sharjah, Display a set of Henry Mary's «hidden costs».

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