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Ay Zaid Supreme Care Promotes Care «Owners Hamam»


United Arab Emirates

    Group photo after the signing of the agreement (from source)

Group photo after the signing of the agreement (from source)

Abu Dhabi (WAM)

The Zayed Higher Institute signed an agreement with the Cambridge Center for Medicine and Rehabilitation to strengthen cooperation to achieve common goals and establish channels of cooperation between the two sides to contribute to the provision of rehabilitation services, medical and therapeutic assistance, the Foundation.
These memos include the implementation of an electronic link between the Zaid Higher Institute and the Cambridge Center for Hamam owners, the third with a special medical care center, and the system is used in the case of the owners of the organization to file data and follow-up cases, and the Foundation for its owners. The Center is involved in the development of the necessary treatment plan Mr. Abdullah Al-Humadan, the Group's Chief Executive Officer, and the Group's Chief Executive Officer were present in the presence of eminent officials. The memorandum was signed by Howard Podolsky.
The Zayed Higher Institute committed to stakeholders through a two-year memorandum of understanding, assessing the situation, developing the necessary rehabilitation therapy plan and identifying targeted groups of individuals and supporting them in treatment of the center, and incorporating early physical and functional therapy and speech therapy, nutrition and difficulties. Is. Swallowing, and hydrotherapy.
The Foundation supports joint collaboration with the Center by consulting specialist staff, providing medical treatment provided by the Center, in consultation with the staff of the organization, and for them to observe and follow their family plans, as well as benefit from the Center's nutritional counseling services. General Chat Chat Lounge Nutrition and counseling and counseling in some cases, especially in regards to therapeutic nutrition.
The Cambridge Center for Medicine and Rehabilitation is committed to providing candidates with the support they need and the provision of medical care, periodic medical examinations and health awareness programs through the center and transportation facilities to and from the center.
Bassam Al Syed, Chief Rating Practicing B Cambridge Center, said: "We look forward to working together to improve the level of services provided to stakeholders, putting our expertise and technology in service to this important area of ​​society."

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