Sunday , January 24 2021

Barcelona: King's Court represents his decision to suspend King's Cup

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Ramon Sanchez arrived at the PizzaJun Stadium in Barcelona's quarter-final quarter-final on Wednesday evening in Barcelona.

The match starts at 00:30 UAE time, 23:30 KSA, 22:30 Cairo time, and 20:30 GMT.

The show will be broadcast on BBC Sport Network, especially on the HD3 channel. This meeting will be managed by Carlos de Siro Grande.

In the previous round, Levante entered the quarterfinals of Barcelona after defeating Leed 4-2.

Sevilla reached the quarter-finals by defeating Avitalic Bilbao 3-2.

Valverdi Risks

The Barça team is without Leonard Macy's first-choice scorer, in which Alberto Alessandro Valverde, who had a very important game in the trophy, hoped for a comfortable presence. Coach Sergio Makes Light To Buskets

With the French Osman Dambelie in the last match against Leagins in the Spanish league, Valverde only gave Luis Suarez the chance of having Barcelona hope in the meeting.

The AS newspaper reported that Valverde once again gave Malcolm the opportunity to participate in the initial lineup with Louise Suarez and Felipe Cotinho.

When Welward will retain the German goalkeeper Jasper Silessen's defense line with the exception of German star Terrett Chestgen. Ghana's Kevin Prince Boetengeng will also be on the bench

The teams of the expected Barcelona were:

Goalkeeper: Silesian

Line of Defense: Cimado, Jordi Alba, Gerard Peak, Langleyer

Midfield: Ivan Rakitik, Vital, Carles Elana

Offensive: Suarez, Coutinho, Malcolm