Friday , January 22 2021

Barfi cancels Lufthansa flights due to strike by security officials


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Workers on strike at Berlin airport (AFP)

Workers on strike at Berlin airport (AFP)

Berlin (DAV)

German Airlines Lufthansa has announced that German security officials will be forced to cancel eight scheduled flights in the morning due to a precautionary strike at the German Southern Berlin airport.
Germany's largest airline said the canceled flights had four flights between Berlin-Tagel Airport and Frankfurt Airport and four flights between the Berlin-Tagel Airport and Munich Airport.
Dispaticipated passengers, with 850 passengers, can use their tickets for rail transport because passengers can not access the flights booked at this time, airline said.
The German-based Wardi Trade Union called on the German capital Berlin-Tagle and a strike warning for security staff in Berlin-Schönfeld on Saturday.
Demand for strike is behind the failure of the negotiations, which is a matter of about 23 thousand workers' wages among the Federal Association of Air Safety Companies and the Verdi Union.
Verdi's spokesperson said that the first warning strike will take place between the fifth and ninth of a quarter of Monday morning.
The airport company asked all passengers to inquire about the nature of the situation before their travels, Lufthansa confirmed that the passengers could interrogate the status of an online flight.
"It's regrettable that the New Year will resume with extraordinary events for our passengers," said Detlef Kaiser, a board member of Lufthansa.

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