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Blow all your expectations … oh … shocking report on "iPhone 11"



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When the company "Apple Moment" US Just four weeks after the announcement, the most popular event of the year, the unveiling of a new phone "iPhone", and a lot of rumors and rumors about it over the past months, the content of the new report may be disappointing for anyone waiting patiently.

The site "CNET" technology .In the report issued by G, everything done on "great features", which will keep the phone "iPhone 11", will not be available until September 2020.

He explained that it was not true that the phone "iPhone 11" would support the fifth generation technology, but for the rumor of introducing the "iPhone" foldable, the product would not be available until 2021.

The report emphasizes that the phones introduced during the current year 2019, "iPhone 11", will not be significantly different from the phones launched last year, noting that it will not be their replica, but like them, the report pointed out. That "Apple Moment" is only interested in small developments. On camera, to speed the process, use a new operating operating system called "iOS 13".

The iPhone 11 will go through some colorful updates, including adding a new color, "dark green."

The Senate is based on its prior information, through a series of reports published in the last few months, from leaks deployed to the site, from reliable sources such as US agency "Bloomberg" and renowned "Apple Pal" analyst Ming Chi Kuo. Twitter on iPhone 11

The good news is

The report states that "Apple Pull" will introduce three new models of "iPhone 11", the newspaper "Wall Street Journal", is good news for the new phone, which will be economical in the price of its models, which is similar to the phone "iPhone XR". Is. And the phone "iPhone XS Max" closer to the larger size.

Apple's president, Tim Cook, will officially announce the new iPhone 11 on September 10.

Leaked image

Forbes Magazine released a report on the newly leaked image of the iPhone 11 in July, suggesting that many iPhone enthusiasts may be frustrated because they do not have the features they were hoping for. A new version of the iPhone is expected in 2020.

Forbes said, however, that the design of "iPhone 11" is the most attractive design in the history of "iPhone" phones.

The leaked image shows that the new "iPhone" phone will be full touch screen, with "bump" or "notch" as small as the phone is in the version of "iPhone X".

"IPhone" is no longer the main product of "Apple Moment"

Bloomberg reported in August Gust that, for the first time since 2012, iPhone sales accounted for less than half of Apple Palm's quarterly revenue.

According to the newspaper, Apple recorded "Apple Pul" record sales through Internet services in the third quarter of $ 11.5 billion. The company also increased the sales of its gadgets, such as "Apple Pal Watch". Equipment and accessories revenue increased 48 percent, the paper said.

But the company won't be able to completely get rid of devices like the iPhone, App Store apps, Apple Pal Pay, Apple Pal News + and the iPhone's "AirPods".

According to the company's press service, two separate Apple Pulse products, computers and iPads, accounted for only 20 percent of revenue in the third quarter. Apple Pul is currently working on augmented reality and VR headsets, but it is likely to connect to the iPhone.

Compared to the same period last year, smartphone revenue was 12% lower. But Apple Pal officials said efforts were being made to reinstate sales through discounts, financing options and the purchase of older models. For any company to be successful without smartphones, you will need to make their music, payment and video services attractive to smartphone owners other than the iPhone, so that potential customers buy Apple Pal products and not others.

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