Sunday , January 17 2021

Creates a "internal" team for the digital transformation program

Sharjah –

Administered by Brigadier General Hussein Ahmed Al Harthi, Director-General of Electronic Services and Communications, the Home Ministry announced its team's creation of digital transformation and artificial intelligence program, in which the UK has developed modern and emerging applications to satisfy customers in terms of 2021 and artificial intelligence Leadership strengthens and technology Benefits receive benefits.

This team consists of several sectors of the ministry and many internal experts from its various departments. An executive office was also developed to develop an integrated office for developing digital strategy and artificial intelligence and to develop a executive office for updating future road maps and developing a strategy for the future in coordination with the relevant authorities. To determine who is responsible for each indicator in co-ordination and coordination with the measurement of skills and proposed important issues with the indicators and the governance department.

In addition to this, supportive subsidiaries will be created from General Police, Fields and Public Administration, to prepare the studies necessary to evaluate the current status of operations and services, and to measure performance and effectiveness of the indicators of performance indicators and changes and digital maturity, strategic, operational and innovative institutional structures. Standards and Indicators will apply and solutions and Q. Will then propose action for plans and improvement opportunities. Specificity in coordination with cryptographers, each according to its capacity.

Brigadier Hussein Ahmed Al-Hrish, Director General of E-Services and Communications, said that the team will monitor the development of a coordinated strategy for digital intelligence in the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Ministry and coordinate its initiatives and plans with the General Directorate of Strategy, Performance Development and Governance. With the aims and objectives of the government's goals and ministry.

He explained that the team is adopting and updating the list of the ability and processes of digital transformations and their launch channels, artificial intelligence tools and emerging technologies that can be used to measure the functioning, efficiency and effectiveness of these services and processes, and the general structure of the indicators can be adopted, and customers and stakeholders Requirements and needs and their related needs Project and related public departments such as general management strategies "Governance, Strategy and Future, Quality" and the happiness of the General Administration.

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