Monday , August 2 2021

Disrupted official presence in schools in Sharjah

Heavy rains continued in Sharjah, which blocked traffic in a large number of schools and disrupted school. In the morning hours, crowds of vehicles were seen on several streets including the Emirates Road, Mohammed bin Zayed Street, and Sharjah's inner streets like unity and cooperation. For the Sharjah police traffic movement, where its members made huge efforts, the road was praised by the users.

In turn, the school administration in Sharjah announced an official working day interruption due to current weather conditions. Parents of students in private and government schools have received text messages via social networking website Watts Abby, which suggests suspension of the study to ensure the safety and security of students and staff of the academic field.

The head of the school said that some students who attended the school bus returned to their home and bus drivers were asked to return to the school, which shows that the Sharjah Education Council gave them the authority to control the safety and security of the students by evaluating the weather conditions.

The Education Ministry emphasized that the safety of students is a high priority and parents and students need to follow the safety and safety standards of the rainy season. School officials are authorized to take the necessary steps to ensure most safety in severe weather conditions, including smoking, hurricanes, winds. And floods

The municipality of Sharjah city has been designed to meet the weather conditions in the country, emphasizing that all its teams are currently dealing with water pools and hotlines, all members received by the grand members of the community to follow the instructions for their safety by the members of the community. Follow the reports.

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