Sunday , May 9 2021

Egyptian actress Raniya Youssef faces allegations of "provoking confusion"

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According to reports, Egyptian actress Rania Youssef, who dressed a bold dress during the Cairo Film Festival, had to face allegations of "immorality and immorality".

Rania Youssef dressed in a transparent black dress that proclaimed her legs, triggered the protection of many Egyptians, although some said that she has the right to wear what she needs.

The judicial source told AFP that convicted Joseph could be jailed for 5 years.

Yusuf, 44, apologized and said that if he knew that he would provoke this dress, he would not wear the dress.

Lawyers Amar Abdel Salaam and Samir Sabari filed a complaint against Rana Youssef, both of whom were known to file a lawsuit against celebrities.

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Sabri told AFP that Yusuf's appearance in his costume is not in line with the traditions of society and its values ​​and moral nature, which is reflected in festive prestige and especially the reputation of Egyptian women.

Egyptian Syndicate of Representatives also criticized the presence of some festival guests, who "misrepresented the role of the festival and the union."

Raniya Youssef told social media outlets, "Maybe you made a mistake in choosing the right attire to attend the festival."

She said, "This was the first time I wore this dress and I did not know that she would be very angry," she asserted that she was committed to the values ​​raised in Egyptian society.

Last year, an Egyptian court sentenced Shayima Ahmed to two years in jail – after one year – to appear in a music video of her underwear.

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