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Food supplements … with suspicious and hidden risks in value

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Most of them do not have any evidence of health benefits, and some have arousal that adversely affects the health of the heart.

Americans spend at least two-thirds of the $ 37 billion diet on vitamins and minerals, while many preparations from many sources, including poultry, powders, and many preparations, including microorganisms, are responsible for the remaining third part.

Popular Supplement

What is the secret of the popularity of these products and why is it popular? Some people believe that the foods we eat are contrary to the important nutrients, so they accept supplement supply, even though many foods are strengthened with therapeutic therapy, which changes the lost vitamins during treatment. Others believe that western medicine relies heavily on pharmaceuticals and instead chooses to take natural ingredients. However, many common medicines are extracted from the plant.

Dr. Harvard School of Medicine Assistant Professor Peter Cohen says that the real reason for the development of the food supplement industry is the law passed 25 years ago.

Food supplements, defined by the Health and Outreach Act of 1994, are non-drug food, which means that it is not subject to the same rules governing the quality and safety of medicines which are clinically proposed.

Dr. Cohen says that "food supplements can be sold and humans can be declared as a means of improving health without giving evidence of their effectiveness and effectiveness." One might think that the law will establish rules that the alleged health benefits should be based on scientific evidence, but the opponent is right. The law protects writers from writing phrases like "Can support heart health", but to support the claim that no one experiment is done on humans. "

– Decibel Consumers

In fact, when government-sponsored experiments are endorsed by millions, food supplement shows the ineffectiveness (such as supplementary supply of fish sold to healthy people on counter to prevent heart disease), food supplement companies Dr. According to Cohen, the right to obscure alleged health benefits on stickers placed on production. As a result, customers end up purchasing products that provide false promises.

If the benefits of dietary supplements prove to be a particular health problem, you also have no guarantees that the product you buy from your pharmacy will have the same effectiveness. The amount of active ingredient in supplements can be significantly different, not just brand from brand, others. For example, red yeast rice supplements contain a substance called monocoline, which is the only active ingredient in levestatin, which reduces cholesterol (myvoror). However, Dr. Cohen and his colleagues investigated 28 different types of red yeast rice from different retailers, because there is no significant impact on the content in the two brands, monocoilines are found in different quantities, while other brands have the same amount of the same amount found in glovecin. His study was published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology in September 2017.

– The stimulant of the heart is restricted

Dr. Cohen's recent research has examined dozens of products that help people reduce weight and improve athletic exposure. These products are available on the Internet and in specialized retailers. These products include labels which suggest that it is also called higgayne, norchocloren, or diethylchloroline, a substance that can be inhibited harmful axon in 2017 by Wada.

Many plants, including the Higignamine lotus, and are produced from a tree known as the heavenly bamboo. When the patient is not able to walk on the treadmill, the object is studied in China to test the heart's voltage to follow the effect of the exercise. The substance is taken regularly, it can increase heart rate, produce anemia, and experience dizziness.

As noted in September in the Journal of Clinical Toxicology, the amount received from substance in 24 products was limited to only 62 mg per dose. Only five trademarks refer to the amount of the product on the label, but none is accurate. In case of certain products, if people take the recommended amount on the label, they will take approximately 110 mg of Higginineine daily. The potential impact of this has not been studied well, but this can have worrisome effects on the heart, Dr. Cohen said. (Many years ago, dietary supplements from other plants produced from other plants were used as a result of severe and sometimes fatal effects – see box 2: EFFEDRA).

Ask your doctor

It is important to have time to tell your doctor about your suspicions about the supplements you are taking. Instead, Dr. Cohen says, is the most logical thing to do if you want to take any dietary supplements, ask your doctor. Dr. Cohen states that "in certain cases it has a clear role."

One example of this is that for older people, calcium supplements are used for people who receive enough calcium from food or vitamin B12 in the case of those who absorb nutrients.

If your doctor advises you to take a dietary supplement, read the label on it and select a certified and approved brand by US Pharmacopoeia or the National Institute of Health, independent non-governmental organizations.

Beware of sexual stimuli

In addition to dietary supplements, to reduce weight or increase the athletic capacity, that person should be cautious about people claiming to improve sexual orientation. These products include hundreds of products, such as the same or similar ingredients as suggested in drugs such as senanephil. (Vigra).

All these "natural" products can lead to a severe reduction in blood pressure, especially those who are taking nitrates, which are also recommended for the treatment of heart patients.

Efedra – A Warning Story

Food supplements containing EFDRA made from Chinese Herb Ma Huang were marketed as an energy booster and stimulant to weight loss in the 1990's. When taken with caffeine, caffeine reduces the weight slightly and in a short period, but it contains chemicals that can lead to the transmission and transmission of blood vessels. Studies have shown that ephedra menstruation, high blood pressure, heart attack, and heart attack

However, it is necessary for the law and drug administration to prove that the items containing the eFedra are unsafe, it took ten years to provide evidence. During that time, the agency reported at least 155 injuries to 16,000 reports, 62,000 complaints from consumers, and at least 155 deaths with products containing eFedra.

Harvard Heart Message, Tribune Media Services.

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