Thursday , February 25 2021

For the next five years, Internet staff has been spending $ 450 billion on corporate expenditure

Global investment by $ 900 billion by 2023

The "world of tomorrow" looks at all levels, whether it's living, whether technology or economy. With the spread of Internet Internet technology in today's world, technology is always a good thing to know how to change technology at all levels of life.

Houses, companies, governments

Business Insider estimates that the total number of smart home vacancies in the US is estimated to be $ 1 billion more than $ 1 billion in 2023 and $ 90 billion in the next five years.


At business level, corporate electronic systems will reach 6 million by 2023, and corporate expenses on the internet in the next five years are expected to be around 450 billion a year.

Internet companies will be included in the development of smart cities that will depend on interconnected cameras, a fully automated traffic system (not an automatic signal, and direction of road depending on the condition of the road). Combat crime and monitor the condition of the environment.

By 2023, investments by countries in this region are expected to change in the effort to double the number of existing investments, the world of individuals and some individuals, and individuals.

Systems «Android»

A Harvard study indicates that the business industry is in the future of the Internet. "Robot" systems used in factories and services will increase the productivity of companies that use at least 10-15% and achieve various operating cost savings.

The study also revealed that 75% of US telephone services will be fully automated at 2025, and electronics can be produced in the light of artificial intelligence applications in the industrial sector.

In Japan's "Internet Equipment" ratio, Consumer Services has over 80 percent and the Economist System has inferred the crisis of the Sun's gloomy crisis.

In the coming period with the economy to move forward, "Internet of Ties" hopes to lead a "revolution" in the economy. In the face of future shortages, future poverty and economic profits, industrialists are compelled to make alternatives to human workers.


"Internet Internet Revolution" Many companies need to "tout" the government and individuals. Business Insider predicts that in the light of the savings competition, this imbalance between "top companies" and "backward classes" will depend on this technology.

Google's move to create an "amazing slide" announced in July, will soon be announced, explains the future of the country's economy.

The systems, which are installed on the industrial system, will be predicted to meet the need for systems and machinery, monitor any performance defects, ways to encounter any errors, and high capacity to handle commands, and even electronic operators can also hear voice-questions.

According to the World Network Web site, Google is engaging in a warm competition with Microsoft and Amazon. The giant competition will increase in the coming years as internet penetration is becoming more popular in business and individuals. The government is alike.

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