Monday , August 15 2022

Fourth in the UAE, fifth in youth and girls


Casablanca: Faice Habaujough

Girls under the age of 18 to 15 have been the first to win both golf officials, golfers, golf lovers, boys and girls in Morocco, as well as 75 players and players in the Palm Golf Club in Casablanca.
Jordan, who won 6 silver, 3 bronze and two bronze, finished fifth in bronze medal.

At the end of a curtain in the spirit of a team, a meeting between parents and children in a family atmosphere, Secretary General of Adolf Al Saroini of Arab Golf Federation, Mustafa Sen Chief Executive Officer
The Royal Moroccan University of Golf, Mohamed El-Yamahi, the UAE Embassy in Morocco, the second senior guests, the Arab Golf Federation members, several leaders and officials.
The event was organized by the representative of the Egyptian Golf Federation, Ibrahim Rateb. The next edition of Egypt will be hosted.

In the fourth position, the UAE ranked fourth in fourth. In the fourth place, 515 strikes were placed fourth in the 18-point team in the fourth place.
Youngsters below the age of 18

The Egyptian football federation had won a gold medal in the tournament which won 444 strikes against the tournament and overcame younger rivals in Morocco.
Tuenship's tuition team has won 214 victories in the same age singles. 215 strokes, Tunisian team and Nizar Baram are the 219 winners and Yusuf Joy's 224 hits.

Youth Champions
The tournament cup Morocco and 427 strikes won the tournament cup. The Tunisian team won the 452 strike and third. The third is Egyptians with 489 strikes.
He has also won first place in the same age singles. Moroccan Cup Cuple Buttleb 212 strokes, one silver medal, Moroccan silver medal winner Hugo Masen, 215 and third Tunisian Aceze Darwari.

Beautiful Morocco
In the Morocco national football tournament, the highest number of sports items were scored. Tuensian team with 433 strikes won 449 victories. The third and silverest team in the Egyptian team is 491.
The girl's heroine was grabbed
Morocco's Anne Leclerc became the second consecutive Twenty20 World Cup winner. The tournament championship was for the second consecutive year. Tunisian Joshin Sasi got 223 balls each. Kinsa al-Asari is in third place.

Shamsey: Satisfied with performance
Qad Al-Shamsi, Secretary-General of the Emirates Golf Federation, says: "On the first day each championship gets good results.
He was satisfied with the success of the three teams, winning a medal for boys and girls, the main stadium for participating in the next Gulf Championship, scheduled for the first week of December.

Muhammad al-Yahahi:
Al-Yamahi, the Second Secretary of the UAE Embassy in Morocco expressed happiness in the presence of these two Arab sports organizations. People will be more intimate and affectionate. At the same time, the winners will appreciate and win the winners.
Almost all the ways of success based on the basic facilities have led us, "said Al-Yamahi, who won the winners who wish to succeed.

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