Thursday , June 8 2023

Genetic studies reveal the secret of the worms and their therapies


The largest study of the genetic structure of the halomites has shown hundreds of new evidence on how to attack the human body, to prevent and eliminate the immune system.

It is suggested that these worms can be avoided to help combat tropical diseases that affect the lives of billions of people worldwide such as blindness, billaria and angiostomy.

"The paradisical worms are our old enemies and have developed over a millennia to deal with the immune system," says a study conducted by colleagues at the Welm Sagger Institute in Edinburgh University in the University of Macdonell Institute of Genome at the University of Michigan Quinka Mitrave said.

"The results of this study suggest that parasites will learn more about life and how to use human immune systems.

Physical Disorders and Late Growth

Parasitic infections can last for years and can cause pain and physical defects and a social joke related to disability and disability in children.

The current drugs, including drugs developed by Sanofi, Johnson and Johnson, will have little impact. But the amount of drugs is still limited.

In the study of how to improve human development, human beings and animals, the research team compared to 81 types of round waves and flat worms compared to genetics, and 45 are never genetically engineered.

More than 1 million new genes involving thousands of new genetic families have been found in this analysis

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